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We are a creative agency located in Sydney that specialises in Website Design and development.

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This is how you can convert your site into a Lead Generator Magnet.


Having a unique brand and Logo Design is essential because it represents your business value, and it should effectively communicate why your customers should choose you and not your competitors.


We provide a unique approach to understand the needs and problems of your customers and then use that information to design a distinctive user experience.


Your company’s digital experience should be responsible for all the devices your customer interacts with your business.


We will develop your design with valuable techniques to optimise the performance and user experience of your customer. Also, we guarantee that we will set up correctly with our SEO SERVICES.

We are a web design company located in Sydney, Australia. We design and develop high-performance websites that lead your business to increase sales and online visibility. If you decide to work with us, we will support your company to drive and grow your business with a creative and strategic approach.

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Frequent questions

The cost will variate on your requirements and your expectations. You can create a free website with online tools such as Wix, Google My Business and others. But it would be best if you considered making an attractive brand and marketing strategy to create a unique website.

Mindesigns provides you with a complete package that includes a identify proposal and a marketing consultancy to help you to create a website easy to find online.

If you want to know how much it costs our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The redesigning process of a site will depend on the business model and the current situation of your website.

In Australia, the price variate if you are looking for a personalised website (Around $5000 AU) or using exciting templates (Around $ 2000 AU).

It can be cheaper or more expensive, depending on the requirements that your business might have.

We provide a remarkable package to collaborate with you to design your dream site.

You could create a website with online free tools and other agencies. Still, with us, you will get a unique website and create a valuable strategy to increase your online visibility with branding and SEO services.

For us, a unique website design should: 

  • Be coherent with the identity, values and brand strategy. 
  • Have a great user experience, where customers could follow easy steps to purchase a product or service. 
  • Have an attractive communication language with the customer to understand the value proposal, benefits, and solutions efficiently. 
  • Be aligned with an efficient marketing strategy so that customers could find it easily. 

For me the most crucial feature of the design process is understanding your customer first, and then creating a unique user experience that works for them which will consequently increase your sales.

We recommend you to get inspiration that you could use on your design and creative process. 

The google webmaster guidelines advise that no one can guarantee you will be the first result. But I will configure your site and I will help you optimise it and improve your ranking.  remarkable strategies.

Yes, we recommend you define a basic brand strategy of your business first that could represent the values and why you are different from your competitors. We can create a great user experience representing your brand’s colours, business value, and typography with your website brand identity.

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Consult with a creative web designer

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