What is
included in

the Brand Guidelines?

This document organises your brand design and styles so you never need to think about it again.

The visual details

What are the visual elements that represent your brand and how to properly use them. 


Typography represents more than just text  fonts and sizes, It communicates your business character, tone and message.

Colour Palate

A set number of colours to make your business easier to identify and more coherent.

The logo is the symbol that walks in front of your business. The first impression it makes can sometimes mean the difference between a lost or new customer.

The tone of voice describes how your brand speaks with your target audience and thus influences how people perceive the message.

1 It helps define your brand identity.

2 It guides future employees about how to use your brand.

3 It helps you stay consistent with how the brand is represented.

4 It ensures your logo is used correctly.

5 It defines the proper use of fonts and sizes to represent your brand. 

6 It shows you what not to do with your brand design.

7 It includes examples and templates of how to apply your brand.

Stop confusing your audience and procrastinating. Organise your brand identity

so your message is coherent, loud and clear.