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Sydney, Australia

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Client's Requirements

Located in the vibrant Surry Hills district of Sydney, Tento, a Japanese culinary haven, engaged our services to develop and design their website. Our goal was to transform their vision of a unique ’90s Japanese aesthetic into a modern, user-friendly web design with booking capabilities.

Distinctively steering clear of clichés, our focus was on crafting a design that effortlessly blends Japanese tradition with contemporary appeal. Tento also wanted a website optimised for SEO, ensuring new customers could quickly discover their culinary sanctuary through local online searches.

The Challenge

Initially, Tento attempted to handle website development independently, striving to convey their ’90s Japanese aesthetic. However, the self-directed efforts fell short of effectively communicating their vision.

Recognising the challenge, Tento engaged Mindesigns to create a visually appealing and SEO-optimised website.

The collaboration aimed to bridge the gap between their unique style and its digital representation, ensuring a successful realisation of Tento’s vision online.

Mindesign's Proposal

In our proposal for Tento, Mindesigns focused on capturing the essence of ’90s Japan through imagery, drawing inspiration from advertisements and products of that era. With a strategic focus on elevating SEO discoverability, we crafted compelling content and used specific keywords to match those searching for Japanese restaurants in Sydney.

Our aim was not merely to create a website but to curate a digital experience that stands out. To achieve this, we infused a touch of uniqueness by incorporating subtle animations, creating a visual impact that elicits a genuine “wow” effect. This blend of nostalgic visuals, SEO-centric content, and innovative design elements ensures that Tento’s online presence is memorable and optimised for maximum visibility.

Design Results

The website redesign for Tento has brought about some impressive results! User engagement has seen a noticeable uptick, and the bounce rate has taken a significant dip to below 50%. Bookings have experienced a solid boost of 67% in the 4 months after the website launch, thanks to the improved user experience on the website.

Beyond the numbers, Tento has been receiving a large number of positive feedback on the revamped website design. Other than making the website look amazing; the changes made to the user experience is proving to be a key driver in Tento’s noticeable revenue growth.

Tento design examples
Japanese art illustration

Marketing Results

In just 10 months post-launch, Tento’s website has witnessed an exceptional surge in traffic, now generating over 6,000 visits monthly. Remarkably, this achievement is without any ongoing SEO efforts, underscoring the effectiveness of the initial SEO work implemented at the project’s onset.

The website’s authority score has soared from 5 to a commendable 22, attesting to its credibility and relevance in the digital landscape. Notably, 9 high-value keywords now secure the top three positions on Google, while another 59 keywords rank on the first page. 

This robust performance is a testament to the impactful SEO foundation laid during the website’s initial planning.

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custom SEO graphics traffic

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