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Project Requirements

Plan and execute SEO strategies to boost GeoNadir’s website visitors. The main objectives were to increase brand visibility, elevate keyword rankings and generate more sales via organic traffic.


Generating website traffic through SEO can prove to be a significant obstacle for numerous businesses. And the most common reason for this challenge is not having enough time to execute the necessary SEO optimisation work.

GeoNadir encountered similar difficulties that also included issues in their website’s back end and a poor User Interface (UI). Once we understood their challenges, we aligned our objectives with their needs, to amplify their overall visual presence through better UI and SEO.


We offered a range of services to support GeoNadirs, including SEO, UI design and website maintenance. In addition, we assisted in developing and implementing an intelligent strategy that capitalized on GeoNadir’s business activities to increase website traffic.

This strategy involved leveraging GeoNadir’s live events and competitions to bring in more website traffic. We recognized that the key to success would be to provide a compelling reason for event participants to visit GeoNadir’s website.

In the back end, we created a feature on the website that enabled participants to track and record their progress in the competitions. This feature allowed participants to sign up, track their positions, and input competition data, encouraging them to visit the site multiple times during the events and after.

As a result, each of GeoNadir’s events not only generated revenue but also boosted website traffic, which is a positive signal for Google’s algorithm. This strategy was a great success and helped GeoNadir establish a strong online presence.


This strategy significantly improved the SEO Key Indicators displayed below. Specifically, the visitor traffic and the increase of Google search keyword ranking.

We note that keyword ranking and impressions remain at high level even after our client stopped his events. This is because SEO results usually last long for month and sometimes years after the work has been done. 

This strategy shows that there are many creative ways to improve your website’s SEO. Specifically, by getting your customers to visit your website for an ongoing purpose. This strategy or a variation of, can be applied to many types of brick and mortar businesses.

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