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    Email Marketing Agency Mindesigns

    The Benefits of Our
    Email Marketing Agency

    Why use email marketing Mindesigns

    Reach A Wider Audience

    Our email marketing company helps you reach a wider audience that primarily uses email as their main form of communication.

    Own Your Email List

    Your email list is one of your biggest assets. With our agency's email marketing strategies, it can become an automated income-generating machine.

    Learn About Your Audience

    Other than sales, your email list is also a great source of data. Find out which emails your audience are engaging with and what sort of content they like the most.

    Follow Up With Customers

    We help you leverage your email list to get more sales and returning clients. Never underestimate the power of following up with email subscribers.

    Engage With Your Audience

    We help you remind your audience of your services by delivering value and strengthening your brand and message with every email we send.

    Our Email Marketing Agency Services

    Campaign Strategy MIndesigns

    Email Campaign

    Send emails your audience likes to receive with a suitable campaign strategy. Let us help you customise your email marketing funnel.

    Email Marketing Automation Mindesigns

    Email Marketing

    Let us help you automate your customer journey. We can do the thinking, creation and launch of your campaigns.

    Custom Designed Emails Mindesigns

    Custom Designed

    Are you after a specific look and feel for your emails. Let us build you the perfect email message.

    Custom Designed Emails Mindesigns

    Custom Designed

    Are you after a specific look and feel for your emails. Let us build you the perfect email message.

    Content Writing Mindesigns


    Creating content that converts leads is our speciality. We can help you craft your message so your audience will take action.

    Content Writing Mindesigns

    Email Content

    Creating content that converts leads is our specialty. We can help you craft your message so your audience will take action.

    SMS Marketing Mindesigns


    SMS marketing has a 94% open rate… enough said. Get ahead of this fast-growing trend and boost your ROI-targeted SMS campaigns!

    No Lock In Contracts Mindesigns

    No Lock-In

    We understand how fast things can change in business so we don’t have lock-in contracts for our monthly retainers.

    Email Marketing Process

    There are three essential steps to create your email marketing campaign.

    Design your email

    Our email marketing agency helps you develop your email strategy from the ground up.

    Launch your

    We then help you to launch your email campaigns using your chosen platform.

    Measure results
    and improve

    Finally, we assess your email marketing data to find what elements we can optimise.

    Email marketing services are provided as part of our monthly retainers

    Let us take care of the headaches that come with marketing so you can focus on building your business

    Your email is The hook

    The only purpose of your email is to get your subscribers to take some form of action.

    Always be clear about the intention of your email, whether it’s to get subscribers to book a call, click a link, download a PDF or buy a product.

    Your landing page is where you tell your story and pitch your offer

    The landing page is where we try to convert our subscribers to customers. This is our opportunity to try and convince them to make a purchase decision.

    There are two types of humans in the world when it comes to decision-making. The one that makes it based on logic and the other one based on emotion.

    In our landing page, we want to try and cater for both types of persona. This optimises our chance of getting more conversions.

    And finishing up with a message that communicates urgency. Like a limited offer that will not be available after x number of days. You can also add other elements to sweeten the deal.

    Email Marketing Pricing

    Our email marketing packages give you access to our full range of services. 

    That means that within your monthly retainer, you can choose whether we focus on email marketing, SEO, web maintenance or other services we offer. Super convenient right?


    $1,500/ month

    Package Specification

    • Dedicated campaign manager
    • 1 x campaign launch
    • Integration of CRM support
    • Email strategy development
    • Email copywriting
    • Email custom design
    • Email launch


    $2,500/ month

    Package Specification

    • Dedicated campaign manager
    • 2 x campaign launch
    • Integration of CRM support
    • Email strategy development
    • Email copywriting
    • Email custom design
    • Email launch
    • Data analysis and tracking
    • Google analytics setup
    • Monthly reporting


    Freya Vajra


    “Mindesigns went absolutely above and beyond in building my website. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of design and marketing support.”

    Jonathan Castelino

    Founder Kangaroo Gifts

    “What sets Mindesigns apart is their desire to firstly understand the business strategy and mission, both present and future and build a solution that is tailored made to effectively promote this strategy.”

    Andrew Lai

    Director Boab AI

    “Mindesigns have been tremendous. Their sense of design, creativity and process has been exemplary. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking design, branding and marketing services. Thank you.”

    Ibrahim Barakat

    Owner Sell Gold Sydney

    “Since I started working with Mindesigns, my business has improved dramatically, and my marketing results compared to a year ago are at least x10 better.“


    An email marketing agency offers its clients knowledge and expertise on how to effectively reach and engage with their target audience. Companies who work with an email marketing agency like ours can benefit from having the right support to develop successful email marketing campaigns. And the knowledge to assess and optimise existing campaigns.

    We also provide services such as email list growth, crafty email copywriting, email design and template creation, A/B testing for optimization, as well as campaign analytics to measure successful engagement. Through these services, we are able to create full-scale email campaigns that deliver the desired outcome for our clients.

    With the ever-expanding email marketing landscape, it can be hard to know which email marketing platform is best for your needs. It’s important to consider both the features that each platform offers and how easy it is to integrate with other software.

    Different email marketing platforms have different interfaces and functions and require different levels of user experience. By taking into consideration your existing resources and skills, we recommend to select an email marketing platform that is easy for you to use.

    Additionally, a tool that integrates easily with third-party functionalities like email previewing testing or analytics will save you time in the long run. In summary, the right email marketing platform should be easy to use and easy to integrate with other software.

    Putting in place an effective email marketing strategy requires some forethought. And typically the more you invest in planning the better result you will achieve.

    First, consider the purpose of your emails; are they focusing on customer retention, engaging prospects or upselling? Define both quantitative and qualitative elements that support this aim. And what is your final goal?

    Moving forward ensure each element aligns with your overall digital marketing plan for success. Consider who is your target audience and if they would engage with your email campaign.

    And finally create a system for continuously improving and testing your strategies to keep ahead of the curve!

    Measuring the success of an email marketing campaign is essential for assessing its effectiveness and seeing positive returns. A successful email campaign should bring more traffic to your website and increase sales, but it’s not always easy to track if this is happening.

    Analytics and in-depth tracking software can provide detailed breakdowns of email performance metrics, such as open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and email sharing rates. Examining this data provides valuable insight into what email outreach works best for your target audiences and can inform your future email campaigns’ structure and content.

    Monitoring user engagement can also help determine if email marketing campaigns are performing well – if subscribers aren’t opening emails, clicking links or making purchases after receiving messages, then it’s clear your email outreach isn’t meeting the desired results.

    Here are the most common types of emails used in email marketing:

    1. Welcome emails
    2. Dedicated emails
    3. Sponsorship emails
    4. Transactional emails
    5. Re-Engagement emails
    6. Brand story emails
    7. Review request emails
    8. Email newsletters
    9. Lead nurturing emails

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