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Eliminate UX Pitfalls That Hurt Your Sales and User Experience

Our team of UX experts will identify web sections that can be enhanced to improve your user interface and experience.

Data-Driven Decision-Making Using Behavioral Mapping

We will set up short experiments to assess your user journey and identify friction points that reduce conversion rates.

We Help You Craft Compelling Web Content That Converts

UX writing is a big part of a digital interface, which is why it is also a major part of our assessment and service. Get started by booking one of our consultants.

Australia’s Leading UX/UI Agency

Our team excels in cognitive psychology, User Experience (UX), and gamification design. 

With over 35 years of collective experience, we stand as one of the most specialised UX design agencies in Australia.

Known for our innovative strategies and collaborations with local Universities and researches, we have cemented our position as pioneers in crafting compelling UX solutions.

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"We Went from $21.50 to $5.30 Per Software Sign Up"

We went from $21.50 to $5.30 per software sign up

We teamed up with GeoNadir, a leading drone software provider, to improve their website’s user interface (UI) and user journey. Throughout this collaboration, we audited and fine-tuned their landing pages, resulting in an impressive 75% reduction in sign-up costs.

But that’s not all—we successfully reduced their website’s overall bounce rate, dropping it from 68% to a compelling 43%. This made their site stickier and also increased their annual web traffic from 33,400 to an impressive 152,600 visitors.

We went from $21.50 to $5.30 per software sign up
Our site now generates 30 leads a month

"Our Site Now Generates 30 Leads a Month"

Our site now generates 30 leads a month

After conducting a thorough UX audit of Lauren’s mortgage broker website, we identified several opportunities to increase the number of on-site inquiries.

By strategically refining the calls to action and optimising the copy on her main landing pages, we immediately boosted her on-page conversion rate by 175%, and in three months, we X6ed the number of leads she generated online.


Our Process - World Class UX Evaluation

We rely on Heuristic Evaluation as a key method for our UX audit process. We assess designs against a set of well-established usability principles, using Jakob Nielsen’s 10 guidelines as our benchmark.

This meticulous approach not only highlights usability flaws but also empowers us to offer world class recommendations that significantly enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Our Process World Class UX Evaluation

Define Objectives and Scope: Clearly outline specific goals and areas of focus for the UX audit.

Initial Data Collection: Utilise web analytics and heatmap tools to gather quantitative information.

Heuristic Analysis and User Testing: Examine the interface based on usability principles and conduct user testing.

Accessibility and Technical Performance: Ensure adherence to accessibility standards and evaluate technical performance.

Generate Report and Presentation: Document findings, provide recommendations, and present them to the team.

Implementation of Changes and Monitoring: Develop an action plan, implement changes, and monitor the impact. Continuously adjust to enhance the user experience.

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Work with World Class UX Design Experts

Are you struggling with a website that doesn’t generate conversions? Don’t worry—you are in good hands!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UX reporting constitutes a comprehensive analysis of user interactions with your website or digital product, aiming to elevate its usability and overall user satisfaction. This strategic approach is critical in identifying strengths and pinpointing areas for enhancement, thereby ensuring your digital offerings are optimally aligned with user needs and preferences.

Mindesigns employs a meticulous evaluation process, incorporating Heuristic Evaluation and user testing, among other methodologies, to diagnose and enhance the user experience of your website or app. Our UX audit is akin to a comprehensive health check for your digital platform, ensuring it delivers an intuitive, seamless experience for your end-users.

Mindesigns’ reports deliver critical insights into specific design elements that necessitate refinement, offering strategic recommendations to enhance the user journey and minimise friction. By analysing user engagement, navigation ease, and conversion efficacy, our reports equip you with actionable intelligence to optimise user experience and boost conversion rates.

The timeframe for receiving a detailed UX report from Mindesigns is tailored to the complexity and scope of your website analysis. Typically, clients can expect to receive a comprehensive report within 1-2 weeks from the initiation of the review process, enabling timely enhancements to your digital presence.

Mindesigns is equipped to provide valuable UX insights and recommendations even in the pre-launch phase of your website. By evaluating early design drafts, we can identify and rectify potential usability issues, laying the foundation for a superior online experience from the outset.

Mindesigns goes beyond mere diagnostics; we actively assist in the implementation of recommended changes to enhance your website’s UX. Our dedicated web development team stands ready to support you in applying these improvements, ensuring a holistic approach to elevating your digital user experience.

Mindesigns is committed to the highest standards of privacy and data protection. We guarantee the confidentiality of all information shared during the UX evaluation process, adhering to stringent data protection protocols to safeguard your sensitive information.

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