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Our web analytics services delve deep into data to uncover actionable insights, enabling our clients to understand their audience better and drive strategic decisions for sustained growth.

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Learn what visitors are doing on your website

All your website data with our favourite tools

  • Google Search results
  • Google Search Performance
  • Google penelties
  • Google search updates
  • Technical issues (no index)
  • Data analytics
  • Track of conversions
  • Website dashboard & KPIs
  • Custom reporting
  • visitor engagement & behaviour
  • Advance dashboard
  • Connect multiple data sources
  • Google tag manager
  • Interactive data visualisation
  • Real time collaboration

Our Process

How does our ongoing service looks like

Initial Consultation & Website Audit

Set up of Google Console, Analyitics & Data Studio

Review of ongoing performance & reporting


Monthly catch-up to learn and optimise


Web analytics is provided as part of our monthly retainers starting at $1,200 a month.

Never lose sight of what is happening on your website so you can make better decisions and gain an advantage over your competitors

Jules Blundell

Manager Shemaps

โ€œ…When I started working with Mindesigns, the business had 22,000-25,000 thousand visitors a year, and now I am pleased to say that after working for 8 months, we are close to 70,000 thousand visitors.”

Zac Finn

Director The Finn Group

โ€œThe team have been incredibly insightful and responsive โ€œ

The team have been incredibly insightful and responsive. They have provided us with great feedback and reports to help us improve our website’s performance and overall functionality. Very pleased!

Frequent questions

The turnaround time for a logo design is approximately 1-3 weeks.

One week is usually all we need, but time may be extended due to more design iterations, complex logo design requirements (such as animations) and our workload.

Typically we provide our clients with 2 logo options that include 2 logo variations. So you will receive 4 options to choose from.

We can provide more options if required, which may incur additional costs.

Once the logo is complete and the fee has been paid the copyrights of the logo design are transferred to you.ย 

Copyright is different to trademark. More about the definition and difference between these two terms is found here.ย 

You will receive two iterations if needed. You typically won’t need more than two iterations based on our experience.

Additional iterations may incur additional fees. But we rarely get to this situation and don’t charge for minor changes.

Yes, if you decide to get both services you will save between $450 – $550 of the original price.

Because we care about you and your business, it’s our priority. Most importantly, we are very transparent, friendly and easygoing.

We excel at helping you with imagination and creativity to develop a fantastic logo design, and we always look to add more value where we can.

Your success is our success.

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    4.9/5 out of 58 reviews