The Mindesigns dream team

mindesigns team santiago

Santiago Parra

Santiago is a sympathetic leader with a creative and intuitive mindset, constantly looking to improve our team’s processes. He manages the Mindesigns team with great skill, respect and strategy, helping everyone achieve their full potential.

His time off work he spends nature walking, yoga and reading. His principle is to have a balance, and be appreciative of the little things we forget about.

“The unkown becomes an adventure”

Omer Bernstein

Omer is a great mind for strategic planning and thinking outside the box. His got a way to look at a business from a few different angles, finding pockets of ideas, scale up and saving. 

If not at work, you will find Omer working on little house projects, dining out and taking his Kawasaki for a ride. 

“Our World would be boring without Change”

mindesigns team omer
mindesigns team jeison

Jeison Fabian Marroquin

A strong team player with a strong passion for his craft. Coding is probably the last thing you want to learn or understand. Lucky we got Jeison to lead our development team.

Jeison has a passion for traveling and exploring the world, visiting sights of vivid colours and prosperous nature.  


“Make each day your Masterpiece”

Jose Manuel Ortiz

A senior designer with an eye for minimalistic or absolutely amazing designs. Jose creates brand identities for our customers impressively capturing their message and character, each logo is a story ready to be told.

Jose is a dedicated father that prioritises time with his family. Social life is an absolute must for a fun and energizing weekend. Surprising fact, he is the first dog trainer I met. 

Be light, be true, be me, be you We’re half, we’re Whole, we’re one, we’re all “Royksopp

mindesigns team jose

Maria Camila Pineda

Maria is a natural illustrator with passion and talent, a rare find of the arts. She has attention to detail and proficient at a wide range of art styles. Her illustrations are next level.

Her favourite part of the day is walking her dog and meditating in a peaceful setting. Its always a joy to see her dog join our Team meetings.

“No matter the weather, Start everyday with a smile”

Paula Leon

Paula is our coordinator and she takes care of business. She is an expert in many different roles including human resource, marketing and administration.

On a personal note Paula loves art, design and watching documentaries. If not at work you might find her reading books or working on her hand made products.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right”

Mindesigns is a creative digital marketing and design agency


Our emotional therapist that specialises at mood elevation. If she is not in the house she is probably hunting lizards outside.

“Meow Meow Meow”

Our team’s

Teams are built for a bigger purpose. We are stronger together, versatile and can achieve greatness that knows no bounds.

Knowing our strength and weaknesses gets us organised. Admitting our mistakes helps us learn, and being vulnerable strengthen our connections.

The results of our work is our pride, its our purpose to which we dedicate our strongest talent and skills. Never forgetting, to have fun along the journey.

mindesigns team bella

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