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COGSPT IT Solutions

Client’s Requirements

The client aimed to modernise their brand and digital presence to reflect their specialty in IT project management. They sought a comprehensive rebranding strategy. Including a new brand guideline and a redesigned website that aligned with their status as leaders in providing MuleSoft and enterprise IT services.

The Challenge

The main challenges involved establishing a solid brand identity to reflect COGSPT’s expertise and overhauling its old website accurately. This included creating web content from scratch, as the original site had minimal information to work with and somewhat failed to effectively communicate the business’s offerings, according to the CEO.

Developing a user-friendly, informative website that accurately showcases COGSPT’s extensive IT services necessitated careful planning, design, and technical prowess, ensuring seamless integration of functionalities and a smooth content management system.

Old website design below.

Mindesign’s Proposal

In our proposal, We aimed to address the issues identified with COGSPT’s previous website, specifically focusing on the ineffectiveness of its language and coherence in communication. 

Recognising the crucial role of clear and impactful copywriting in converting web visitors, we propose to also take on the copywriting tasks for the website.

Design Result

The rebranding effort resulted in a visually appealing and coherent brand identity that resonated well with COGSPT’s target audience. The newly developed website featured a modern, intuitive design, improved navigation, and was optimised for accessibility and SEO. 

The website effectively communicated COGSPT’s service offerings, expertise, and the value they bring to their clients, thus enhancing their digital presence and business growth.

our copywriting efforts played a pivotal role. By refining the website’s language to be both enticing and coherent, we made it significantly easier for visitors to understand COGSPT’s offerings and the value they deliver. 

This strategic improvement in content clarity and appeal directly contributed to an increased visitor engagement and SEO performance.

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