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SEQOS WMS software solution

Client’s Requirements

SEQOS, a custom WMS (Warehouse Management System) software provider, reached out to us for a digital makeover. They were keen on enhancing their online discoverability, running ads on Facebook and Google, and sprucing up their website.

Their goal was to execute a blend of digital marketing strategies to generate more leads. They wanted to highlight their competitive and well-developed WMS software, which offers a well-rounded solution for several industries.

The Challenge

SEQOS faced a challenge—they weren’t sure how to effectively market their solution to grow their business. The complexity of marketing a WMS solution added an additional layer of difficulty, especially given the challenges of B2B marketing in the software industry.

This uncertainty led them to seek our expertise in developing a clear marketing strategy for their B2B business. More specifically to improve their search rankings using SEO and generate leads using LinkedIn and Google Ads.

Mindesign’s Proposal

In addressing SEQOS’s marketing challenge, our proposal integrates a strategic framework tailored to their unique WMS offer. The initial step involved conducting a comprehensive market analysis to define the target audience and assess market trends and competitors.

Once we gained a solid understanding of SEQOS’s unique marketplace and value proposition, our plan included targeted content creation, strategic advertising, and paid campaigns on effective B2B platforms, such as Google and LinkedIn.

Design Results

We revamped and redesigned SEQOS’s website to make it look more professional and trustworthy, while also showcasing new elements of social proof. This overhaul had an instant impact – SEQOS started receiving frequent enquiries on their website, which rarely happened beforehand.

The improved design not only caught the eye but also instilled confidence in potential clients. The website’s fresh look played a crucial role in establishing SEQOS as a trusted industry player, directly contributing to the boost in lead generation.

Marketing Results

Mindesigns’ marketing strategies have revolutionised SEQOS’s lead generation, delivering high-quality leads from Google and LinkedIn at an impressive average cost of $153.00 per lead. The consistent monthly influx of 10 to 15 quality leads signifies a substantial leap from their previous reliance on referrals.

With the strategic approach implemented by Mindesigns, SEQOS not only covered their yearly marketing costs with the acquisition of just two clients but profited from many more users since Mindesigns came into the picture.

The impact extends beyond immediate gains, hinting at a promising future for SEQOS. Projections indicate that the current growth trajectory could potentially result in a doubling of revenue within just one year.

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