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 Sydney, Australia

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The Finn Group

Project Requirements

The Finn Group is a leading business broker in Australia, that provides tailored sales strategies and exposure for individuals and companies looking to sale or buy businesses. 

With over 50 team members across the country, 20 years in business, and 50,000+ registered buyers in their database they are the biggest business brokers in our nation.

Mindesigns work with The Finn Group on an ongoing basis offering assistance with web optimisation and ongoing technical support. Some of our scopes includes SEO, UX/UI design, API, and back-end development.

The Challenge

When the Finn Group engaged Mindesigns, they faced a number of challenges that were hindering their online presence. Their website suffered from slow load times and an outdated back-end, which resulted in a poor user experience and frustrated both customers and internal stakeholders.

Compounding this issue, the Finn Group had limited human resources to allocate toward marketing and website improvements. This made it challenging to implement the necessary changes to improve their digital presence and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Issues we helped solve

The Proposal

At Mindesigns, we’re passionate about helping businesses succeed in the digital space, big and small. That’s why, when we partnered with The Finn Group, we knew we had our work cut out for us. But we were up to the challenge.

First, we conducted a comprehensive audit of their website to identify areas for improvement. With our expert analysis in hand, we identified technical changes that would enhance the user experience—from optimising their API and back-end development to streamlining their overall interface and UX design. 

The Results

Here is some of the work we have carried out. Note that we also maintain and enhance the Finn Group’s website on an ongoing basis.

We created an easier-to-use site management system using Elementor. We also migrated their website (which was huge!) to Amazon, which offers much faster server speed. 

Elementor and Amazon WordPress

We created API integrations from many external sites for data The Finn Group needed to display on their site. 

AWS API development

We built a complex search filtering feature on their website for their large range of business brokers.

complex filtering options

We created an easy to use custom business listing section that scraps information from other websites. 

business listings advanced configuration

Zac Finn
The Finn Group – Business Manager 

Thank you Zac! ❤️

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