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Melbourne, Australia

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Jewellery Melbourne

Client's Requirements

Jewellery Melbourne enlisted our services to create a new ecommerce website and provide ongoing marketing support. They trusted us to develop a user-friendly ecommerce store designed to cater to both retailers and customers.

Subsequently, they also asked us to oversee their paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and implement ongoing Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategies to boost online sales.

The Challenge

Confronted with a considerable challenge, the team at Jewellery Melbourne realised their in-house capabilities fell short of what was needed for their comprehensive online marketing strategy.

This included not only the task of building a new website but also the expertise in user experience (UX) to enhance the online shopping journey. Recognising the gap, they turned to us, placing their trust in our agency to take the helm of their entire marketing operation.

Mindesign’s Proposal

Our proposal for Jewellery Melbourne focused on creating a custom ecommerce store that is refined for user experience. We also planed to captivate online shoppers by delivering the perfect blend of a compelling message and enticing offers.

To further boost sales, we suggested a targeted paid advertising strategy on Facebook. Considering their resource constraints, we leveraged our strengths and offered our expertise in areas we believed could quickly increase sales.

Design Results

In addition to creating a visually stunning website, our noteworthy achievement lies in our Facebook Ads. Our exceptional craft work for Jewellery Melbourne’s Facebook Ads is particularly remarkable, evidenced by an average 9% click-through rate (CTR) achieved during the campaign.

This outstanding engagement rate not only underscores the visual appeal of our work but also highlights their effectiveness in capturing audience attention and driving interaction.

Marketing Results

Our marketing efforts for Jewellery Melbourne yielded exceptional results, and among the many successes, a simple yet significant standout achievement was the strategic design and implementation of a simple pop-up campaign.

This initiative resulted in a substantial increase of 10 new business leads per month, which, in turn, translated into an impressive $104,500 worth of sales in the last six months.

Online Discoverability Growth on Google

For Jewellery Melbourne, achieving heightened online visibility on Google directly translated into a significant boost in jewellery sales, demonstrating the power of strategic digital presence.

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