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Melbourne, Australia

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Boab Ventures

Client's Requirements

Boab, a scale-up investment programme specialising in AI ventures, aimed to establish a strong brand identity that resonates with its mission to foster an AI ecosystem in Victoria and globally.

The requirement was to create a coherent and visually compelling brand image that would underline Boab’s values of support, foundation, and interconnectivity. They also requested us to conduct a web UX review as they felt they didn’t get a great amount of visitor engagement.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was crafting a branding strategy that effectively communicated Boab’s unique position in the AI industry while adhering to the stringent guidelines that ensure brand consistency across various platforms and materials.

The task involved balancing creativity with adherence to the guidelines, particularly in terms of logo usage, colour palette, typography, and overall brand voice and tone, ensuring that the brand’s identity was both flexible for various applications and instantly recognisable.

Boab’s website was over 10 years old and needed an urgent UX review to bring it up to scratch. It was slow, and the user experience was very disappointing, as some buttons didn’t work, and there were many 404 error pages. Overall, there was no web strategy for collecting visitor details, and the content on the home page felt disjointed and vague.

Design Results

Following the initial objectives to solidify Boab’s market positioning and enhance its brand identity, we crafted a brand strategy that directly addresses these requirements. This led to the creation of comprehensive brand guidelines that seamlessly integrate Boab’s digital presence with its physical brand identity. The strategy’s key achievements include:

Logo Design: The creation of a flexible logo mirrors Boab’s core values and inspiration, designed for clear visibility and adaptability across various formats.

Colour Palette: Drawing from the resilience of the Boab tree, a refined colour scheme with gradients and hierarchies boosts the brand’s presence both online and offline.

Typography: By choosing Gilroy Extra Bold and Light, along with Open Sans Condensed for specific highlights, a clear and effective visual hierarchy was established, ensuring readability in all brand communications.

Brand Application: Strict guidelines on brand usage guarantee coherence across all platforms, from staff uniforms to marketing materials, strengthening Boab’s identity and market recognition.

Boab was also provided with a comprehensive UX audit report, which addressed all the issues that negatively impacted the user experience on their website. In a nutshell, our recommendations aimed to help Boab improve the website’s overall look and implement a strategy to capture potential visitors interested in investing in AI start-ups.

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