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OES - Online Educational Services

Client’s Requirements

Online Education Services (OES) is a distinguished leader in providing tailored online education solutions, specifically for Universities and TAFEs. OES was facing an overwhelming amount of work, which is why they approached us to help enhance their digital marketing strategy.

With a focus on refining their SEO and digital presence, OES needed a partner who could understand the nuances of online education and deliver a robust, scalable solution to meet their marketing objectives.

The Challenge

The initial challenge was OES’s website, which was not performing optimally in attracting the right audience, thereby limiting site conversions and opportunities. The site suffered from poor organic search visibility and suboptimal user engagement, indicating a critical need for an SEO overhaul and better user experience design.

Furthermore, OES required a better site builder and advanced analytics capabilities to track and measure the effectiveness of its marketing efforts. At the time, nothing was set up properly in terms of web analytics, and they had no way to assess where visitors and leads are coming from.

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Mindesign’s Solution

Based on OES requirements, we initiated a comprehensive digital transformation for OES on an ongoing basis. Our team focused on several key areas:

SEO Optimisation: Every month we spent several hours optimising the website pages for SEO discoverability and creating content based on our keyword research. This strategy was aimed at targeting specific web visitors and improving search engine rankings.

Technical Platform Improvements: Recognising the limitations of their existing website infrastructure, we migrated OES to a more robust and SEO-friendly content management system. This not only enhanced the site’s performance but also helped streamline web updates.

Analytics Overhaul: We implemented a suite of online tracking tools, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel, enabling OES to gain deeper insights into their audience’s behaviours and preferences. A much needed aspect that was missing from their marketing campaigns.

Branding and Messaging Enhancement: We refined OES’s branding and user experience (UX) communications, ensuring that every touchpoint on the website resonates with potential clients and clearly articulates the benefits of choosing OES for their educational needs.

The Results

Our interventions transformed OES’s digital landscape, dramatically increasing both the volume and quality of traffic to their website. The enhanced site now effectively engages users, significantly increasing web inquiries and free demos. 

The new analytics setup and dashboard provides OES with detailed insights, allowing them to tailor their marketing strategies more effectively and achieve substantial business growth.

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