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    How To Write a Feature Article Like a Pro

    How to write a feature article

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    Deconstructing the Feature Article Style

    A feature article is an in-depth, non-fiction piece that dives deeper than a news story by exploring a topic, person, place, or trend to capture the reader’s interest. Unlike news stories that focus on “who, what, when, where, and why,” a feature article delves into the “how” and “so what?” 

    Feature articles are notable for allowing more creative freedom in their writing. They can incorporate interviews and anecdotes and even use descriptive language to paint a vivid picture. They are written to inform, entertain, or engage readers, to capture their attention and even stir emotions. 

    feature article comparison

    Feature writing is a great way to connect with consumers in digital marketing through brand storytelling. You can weave this strategy into your digital campaigns as well. By sharing quotes, statistics, or anecdotes that resonate with your audience, you can spark conversation and improve your brand’s awareness.

    Additionally, learning how to write a feature article that is rich in relevant keywords and information can significantly increase organic traffic from SEO and brand visibility – an obvious win for your business.

    Different Types of Feature Articles

    Now that you know what a feature article is, let’s explore the different types so that you know how to write a feature article that can be useful for your growing business:

    How to write a feature article

    Learning about the who’s who: The Profile Feature

    Dive deep into the life and work of a person of interest (example). This type of feature is more than just the biographical details, it offers a glimpse into the person’s motivations, challenges, and achievements. 

    Through interviews, anecdotes, and vivid descriptions, the profile feature paints a compelling portrait that resonates with the reader.

    Help readers understand the complex: The Explainer Feature

    Complex topics can leave readers feeling lost, and explainer features are convenient write-ups to help them understand. 

    This format tackles intricate subjects and breaks them down into digestible pieces. Explainer features (example) make use of clear language, analogies, and even visuals to make the topic accessible to a broader audience so they can empower readers with a newfound understanding.

    Putting a spotlight on the latest: The Trend Story

    Feature articles can capture the essence of an ever-changing environment. Trend stories (example) explore newsworthy developments or social movements, adding context and analysis.  

    This type of feature examines the “why” and “how” behind these trends to spark interest and prompting reflection on their potential impact. 

    Developing a Feature Article Idea 

    When learning how to write a feature article, the most powerful tool isn’t a fancy platform or an AI language model—it’s the blank page in front of you. That blank page offers infinite possibilities. 

    How to write a feature article

    Here’s how to use it to your advantage. 

    Option 1 – brainstorming 

    What ignites your curiosity? Your interests and expertise can be a springboard for captivating topics. If you want to focus more on gaining traffic, you can take a look at current events or social media trends. Is there a story waiting to be explored?

    Semrush is also a great option if you are more focused on SEO. By exploring keyword ranking and statistics, you can brainstorm while also looking for juicy keywords that you might be able to rank for organically.

    What about your business? Are there areas in your field or others where clarity is needed? Explainer features can bridge these gaps. 

    Remember to think about who you are writing for. Understanding the interests of your target market allows you to tailor your topic to resonate with them, too. 

     Option 2 – Move past your writer’s block 

    If a brainstorming session does not work, think outside the box. Do mind mapping to connect different ideas or do freewriting sessions where you write without self-editing. This is a good way to find unexpected ideas. 

    Find an interesting topic online, you never know what hidden gems you get to unearth. 

    Option 3 – Find a Unique Angle 

    If you want to focus on how to write a feature article for your business, consider your brand’s audience and their online interests. 

    For instance, can you offer a counter-narrative or explore under-reported aspects of a topic? This fresh perspective is usually very powerful. 

    How will your feature article create curiosity within your reader? Think of a good angle that will grab their attention.  

    Doing Your Article Research

    A strong feature article is built on a solid foundation of research. Gather the information you need.

    How to write a feature article

    Read, then read some more 

    If you want to learn how to write a feature article, you have to read — a lot. Read different feature articles on which you can build your own article.

    Explore industry blogs and social media trends to stay informed. These platforms can reveal audience interests and spark new ideas.  

    Learn from your competitors! Look into what made their articles click and analyse successful features in your niche. 


    Be transparent about the data and statistics you use. Cite your sources when you can and ensure their validity. Always attribute quotes and information correctly. There’s a wealth of knowledge available online, but use it ethically, and always remember to fact-check at least once or twice. 

    Arrange an interview (if possible) 

    Identify individuals with expertise or firsthand experience relevant to your topic. Seek diverse perspectives to enrich your narrative. Go beyond the basics and prepare questions that delve deeper, so you can elicit insightful responses. 

    Don’t just drop quotes in, create them yourself.

    How to write a feature article from scratch

    Once you’ve gathered your research, it’s time to translate your data. Build your content.

    How to write a feature article

    Here’s how to write a feature article : 

    Step 1: Build the blueprint. Develop a clear thesis statement that will serve as your article’s central argument or main point. Then, create an outline that maps the flow of your information. 

    Step 2: Craft the hook. Grab your reader’s attention from the very first sentence. Use a powerful anecdote, a thought-provoking question, or a surprising statistic to set the stage for your feature. 

    Step 3: Form the body. Don’t just tell, show! When writing the body of your article, back up your claims with concrete evidence, data, and real-life examples to keep your reader engaged. 

    Organise your data logically and ensure a smooth transition between ideas. Each paragraph should focus on a single point that supports your overall thesis. 

    Don’t just fade out. End your feature by summarising your key points and leaving the reader with a lasting takeaway or call to action.

    Enhancing Your Article

    Good headlines and high-definition photos add a kick to your article. 

    A good article starts with a good headline. Your headline is like a storefront window that entices readers to step inside. Most newspapers or websites have a specific character count for their headlines, so make it as clear and concise as possible: your readers should learn the essence of your article at a single glance.

    For digital articles, don’t forget your SEO! Integrate relevant keywords strategically to improve discoverability – and if you’re not confident with your SEO-writing skills, don’t worry, we can help! 

    Most people are visual learners; don’t forget to add photos! A picture is worth a thousand words, and visuals can elevate your feature to new heights. 

    However, if you’re going to add photos, make sure that you invest in high-quality visuals – whether they are images, infographics, or videos!  

    Use these visuals strategically to break up text and add interest. Make sure they are relevant to your article to complement your content and allow the readers to enhance their understanding of your article. 

    Proofreading, editing, and publishing 

    Edit your work ruthlessly! This means checking for clarity and coherence and ensuring your writing style matches your target audience. 

    Proofread meticulously for any typos, grammatical errors, or formatting inconsistencies. 

    How to write a feature article

    Even the most brilliant feature can be tarnished by typos and grammatical errors, and you don’t want that to happen to yours. 

    Ensure your article is well-organised and easy to follow. Use transitions to guide your reader through the flow of ideas. Avoid redundancy and unnecessary jargon. 

    Every sentence should contribute to your central point. If it doesn’t, consider trimming the fat by cutting out unnecessary information – entertain, but make sure that your article holds value. An anecdote may be funny, but does it really matter in the story you’re selling? 

    After you edit, it’s time to publish. 

    Your captivating feature deserves a platform to shine! Find relevant publications and online platforms that align with your topic and target market but don’t make it into a one-size-fits-all article. 

    Tailor your pitch to each platform, highlighting why you think your feature is a perfect fit for their audience. Once you have a publisher, leverage social media to gain a wider reach and remember to engage! 

    Don’t just post once and disappear – answer questions, like comments, and foster discussion around your feature when you can so that you can build a community around your business that encourages further understanding. 

    If you’re worried about writing the right types of topics for your business, contact us now for SEO services that can help you get a jump start on your SEO strategies through digital marketing. 

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