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    Blog / Top 5 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers in Australia

    Top 5 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers in Australia

    cheapest web hosting australia

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    Why is Web Hosting Important?

    If you searched “cheapest web hosting Australia” and are looking for some high-performing providers, this article is for you.

    Web hosting provides space to store your website’s data so your target market can find it online – but more than that, your web hosting also directly impacts how visitors experience your website and how search engines rank it. 

    A reliable web host translates to fast loading times and minimal downtime, keeping web visitors happy and engaged. Search engines like Google value websites with high-performing servers and, consequently, consider them quality sites to rank higher in their search results. 

    There are many web hosting platforms available, but let’s explore the most popular, cheapest web hosting Australia providers in this article: Hostinger, Bluehost, DreamHost, GreenGeeks, and GoDaddy.

    Key Considerations When Choosing Cheap Web Host Services

    Now that you’re aware of the importance of a strong web hosting foundation, it’s time to choose your web hosting provider.  

    While budget is a key factor, remember that the cheapest option is not necessarily the best – here are the things you should consider so that you get the best value for your money: 

    cheapest web hosting provider

    Hosting Costs 

    Web hosting providers often lock you in with attractive introductory rates. While these are tempting for trying out a service, be sure to factor in renewal rates to ensure affordability in the long run. Check the fine print for any hidden fees associated with introductory plans if you’re looking for the cheapest web hosting Australia providers. 

    Hosting Features 

    Web hosting features impact your website’s functionality and security. Here are some key features to consider: 

    Free Domain and SSL Certificate: A domain name is your website’s address online. 

    An SSL certificate encrypts data transfer between your website and visitors, safeguarding sensitive information and establishing trust. Look for providers that include these essentials in their base plans. 

    Website Builder: User-friendly tools allow you to create a website without coding knowledge through drag-and-drop functionality and pre-designed templates to get you started. 

    Storage and Bandwidth: Your website’s storage space is like your computer’s hard drive, holding all the files, such as text, images, and videos. Bandwidth determines how much data can be transferred between your website and visitors each month. 

    Choose a plan that offers enough storage and bandwidth to accommodate your website’s current needs and allow for future growth. 

    Security Options: Even if you’re looking for the cheapest web hosting Australia providers, prioritise security. Look for features like firewalls, automatic malware scans, and regular backups to ensure you can restore your website in case of unforeseen issues. 

    Hosting Performance 

    A website that’s slow or unavailable altogether frustrates visitors and harms your business. Here’s why performance matters: 

    cheapest web hosting

    Uptime Guarantee: This metric indicates how often your website is accessible to visitors. Aim for a 99.9% uptime or highe so visitors can consistently access your content. 

    Server Technology: Your website speed depends on the type of storage that your web hosting provider utilises. Providers use SSD (Solid State Drives) today. It has no moving parts, so it is faster to retrieve data, leading to fast loading of websites. 

    Website Speed: Users today expect websites to load instantly. Even a few seconds of delay can cost your business. A reliable web ensures your website loads quickly to keep users engaged and happy. 

    Server Location: Ideally, you’d want servers located geographically close to your target audience to minimise the physical distance data needs to travel. You get faster loading times for visitors in that region.  

    Customer Support 

    Having a provider with responsive and knowledgeable support can save you time and frustration. 

    Ideally, your web hosting provider should offer 24/7 customer support via chat, phone, or email, so that you can get help whenever you need it. This is especially important during emergencies that might arise outside of regular business hours. 

    5 Cheapest Web Hosting Australia Providers 

    Check out these top contenders for the cheapest web hosting Australia providers. Below, we highlight key features that you should consider so that you can find the perfect web hosting provider that fit your website needs. 

    Hostinger (starting from $1.99/month) 

    cheap web hosting image

    Starting Price & Renewal Rates: Hostinger is known for its attractive introductory rates. The base plan, “Single Shared Hosting,” starts at $1.99 per month, but this rate applies only for the first billing cycle.  

    Renewal rates are higher, typically around $7.99 per month. So be sure to factor this into your long-term budget. 

    The “Single Shared Hosting” plan includes a free domain name, free SSL certificate, website builder, and enough storage and bandwidth to accommodate a small website or blog. 

    Customer Support: 4.6/5 Readily available live chat support, but quality of responses vary by issue. 

    Additional points to consider for Hostinger: 

    • Storage and Bandwidth Limitations: If you anticipate a high volume of traffic or a large website, you might need to upgrade to a higher-tier plan. 
    • Scalability: Hostinger offers a variety of plans with increasing storage and bandwidth allocations that allows you to scale your hosting resources as your website grows. 

    Bluehost (starting from $4.95/month) 

    cheapest hosting australia

    Starting Price & Renewal Rates: Bluehost offers enticing introductory rates. Their base plan, “Basic Shared Hosting,” starts at $4.95 per month, but this is a promotional price valid only for the first term. Renewal rates are higher, typically around $7.99 per month. 

    Features in Base Plan: The “Basic Shared Hosting” plan includes a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and a good amount of storage and bandwidth suitable for starter websites. 

    Customer Support: 4.0/5 Some users reporting long wait times or inconsistent service. 

    Additional point to consider: 

    • Scalability: Like Hostinger, Bluehost provides a range of plans with increasing resource allocations. You can easily upgrade as your website’s needs grow. 

    DreamHost (starting from $3.95/month) 

    cheapest hosting australia

    Shared Hosting Plans with WordPress Focus: DreamHost stands out for its strong emphasis on WordPress hosting. While they offer various shared hosting plans, their “DreamPress” plan is specifically designed and optimised for WordPress websites. 

    Features like automatic WordPress updates, enhanced security measures for WordPress, and one-click staging functionality make managing a WordPress site a breeze. 

    Free Domain & SSL: DreamHost includes a free domain name and free SSL certificate in most of their plans, including the “DreamPress” plan, eliminating the need for separate purchases and simplifies the website setup process. 

    Good Storage and Bandwidth: DreamHost offers good storage and bandwidth allocations across their plans. The “DreamPress” plan typically comes with ample resources to handle most WordPress websites, allowing for smooth operation even with growth in content and traffic. 

    User-Friendly: DreamHost is known for its user-friendly control panel. The “DreamPress” plan takes this a step further, offering a streamlined experience specifically tailored for WordPress users. This simplifies website management for those comfortable with the platform. 

    Customer Support: 4.7/5 Users often commend their knowledgeable and friendly agents. 

    SiteGround (starting from $3.99/month)

    cheapest web hosting australia

    Performance-Focused Hosting: SiteGround emphasizes speed and performance for websites. They utilise features like in-house developed caching technology and server optimisation to ensure fast loading times. 

    Shared Hosting & Cloud Hosting: SiteGround offers shared hosting plans for beginners and cloud hosting plans for websites with more demanding needs. 

    Above Average Support: 4.8/5 with 24/7 availability through various channels, including phone, chat, and tickets, consistently receiving high marks for customer satisfaction. 

    Additional points to consider: 

    • Pricing: Introductory rates are slightly higher than some competitors, but they offer renewal discounts and multi-year plans to bring down the cost. 
    • Scalability: SiteGround’s plans cater well to website growth with features like automatic scaling on cloud plans. 
    • Security Features: Built-in security features like daily backups, spam protection, and automatic WordPress updates to keep your website secure. 
    • Focus on Speed & Customer Service: If website performance and excellent customer support are your top priorities, SiteGround is a strong choice. 

    GoDaddy (starting from $3.99/month)

    cheapest hosting australia

    Brand Recognition Powerhouse: Undoubtedly, GoDaddy boasts excellent brand recognition. Their aggressive marketing campaigns have made them a household name, especially for beginners venturing into web hosting. 

    Introductory Rates vs. Value: GoDaddy’s rates often have limitations or hidden fees. Renewal rates can be significantly higher, so make sure to check the fine print before signing up.  

    Customer Support: 4.0/5 Round-the-clock support availability, but the quality of service can vary. 

    Here are some additional points to consider for GoDaddy: 

    • Focus on Beginners: GoDaddy’s user interface and marketing often target beginners. Their platform might seem user-friendly for beginners, but more experienced users find it limiting. 
    • Alternatives for Feature Seekers: If you prioritise feature-rich plans, GoDaddy might not be the best fit. Consider researching competitors known for offering a wider range of tools within their base plans. 

    Below are other considerations for these web hosts: 

    cheapest web hosting australia

    Types of Web Hosting on the Market

    With a variety of options available, choosing the cheapest web hosting provider in Australia can be overwhelming. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the common types to help you find your perfect fit, categorised by cost: 

    Budget-Friendly Options: 

    Shared Hosting is the most budget-friendly option, if your priority is to find the cheapest web hosting in Australia option. Here, you share server resources (storage, processing power) with other websites. It’s great for beginners with low-traffic websites, but if your online store explodes in popularity, you might need to upgrade. 

    Reseller Hosting can be budget-friendly. This is where you essentially buy web hosting in bulk at a discounted rate and then resell it to others. It requires a business mindset and technical knowledge to manage effectively, but if you can acquire clients, it can be a cost-effective way to host your own website.  

     More Scalable Options: 

    Virtual Private Server (VPS) is like having your own spacious condo within a building. VPS hosting creates a virtual partition on a server, offering dedicated resources and more control than shared hosting but at a lower cost than dedicated hosting. It’s a good middle ground for growing websites. 

    Cloud Hosting: Imagine your website floating on a network of servers in the sky! Cloud hosting utilises a network of virtual servers spread across multiple data centres. This offers superior scalability, reliability, and performance compared to traditional shared or dedicated hosting. It’s a powerful option for websites experiencing significant traffic fluctuations or anticipating substantial growth. 

    Dedicated Hosting: Think of a luxurious mansion on a private street. Dedicated hosting offers exclusive use of an entire server, ideal for high-traffic websites or those requiring top-notch security and performance. It comes at a higher cost but provides complete control and scalability. 

    Less common option: 

    Colocation: This is like owning a server in a high-security data centre. You purchase the server hardware and have complete control over it, but the data centre provider manages the physical environment (power, cooling, security). Colocation is ideal for businesses with specific needs and technical expertise, but it can get expensive. 

    For most beginners and small businesses, shared hosting, VPS hosting, or cloud hosting will be the most suitable options.  

    Consider your website’s traffic, budget, and need for control when making your choice. The next section will delve into key factors to evaluate when choosing a web hosting provider, empowering you to select the perfect web hosting castle for your online presence!

    Best Web Hosting in Australia Recommendations

    Choosing the right web hosting provider in Australia can be overwhelming. If you’re not prioritising low costs and are looking for other web hosting features such as better speed and customer support, here are some of our top contenders to help you decide:

    cheapest web hosting australia

    Hostinger’s user-friendly interface and excellent customer support make them a great starting point. However, their most affordable plans come with limited resources, so consider future growth needs.

    Host Papa strikes a balance between features and affordability, offering a compelling option for many users. They cater well to both beginners and those with some technical experience. With data centres strategically placed around the Asia-Pacific region, Australian visitors can expect good website loading speeds.

    GreenGeeks is the eco-conscious web hosting leader. GreenGeeks is the perfect choice for those who prioritise environmental responsibility. Their commitment to renewable energy is a major plus. However, their shared hosting plans might not be the most powerful for resource-intensive websites.

    SiteGround is renowned for their speed-optimised servers and award-winning customer support, SiteGround is a premium choice for websites seeking top performance and exceptional service. Their website security and scalability focus makes them a strong contender for growing businesses and high-traffic websites. However, their introductory pricing can be slightly higher than that of some competitors.

    The “best” web hosting provider still depends on your specific needs and priorities, taking into consideration other factors like website traffic, budget, technical expertise, and desired features.

    Cheapest Web Hosting Australia Option Summary

    Now that you’ve explored the web hosting landscape, choosing the right provider feels less daunting, right? Here are some targeted recommendations to help you select your champion: 

    cheapest web hosting australia

    • Hostinger (starting from $1.99/month) – is best for budget-friendly beginners. It offers the most attractive introductory rates to jumpstart your website journey. 
    • Bluehost (starting from $4.95/month) provides seamless integration and optimised performance if you want a WordPress-centric website. 
    • DreamHost (starting from $3.95/month) strikes a balance between affordability and features, making it a well-rounded choice between price and features. 
    • GreenGeeks (starting from $4.95/month) is great for eco-conscious businesses. It allows you to host your website with a sustainable conscience. 
    • GoDaddy (starting from $3.99/month) is a well-known web hosting provider offering a variety of plans. Carefully evaluate their features and pricing structure to ensure they align with your website’s needs. 


    The “best” web hosting provider depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider your website’s traffic, the features you require, and your comfort level with technical aspects. 

    Are you ready to launch your website and conquer the digital world? Mindesigns is here to help! Contact us today to discuss your vision, and let’s bring your website to life! 

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