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Why Five Minute Team Building Activities Will Help Your Business?

Making easy and small team building activities could create a positive environment. It will help your team feel safe to fail and explore new opportunities for your company. These activities promote creating a culture where people could feel connected. 

Team activities create a positive environment and culture making it possible for your staff to develop creative and innovative ideas. On this list, you will get easy and fun activities that you can do with your team. It will help them feel welcome, empowered, and supported to collaborate and create more value for your business and projects.

Meditation session

Activity 1 - Meditation Session

Every day we are facing new challenges, personal and professional issues that can change our emotions and state of mind. My team and I use this activity especially when we are starting a new project, and we want to control our minds, looking for new ideas and inspiration. 

Other than team building, meditation is a practice that could support our life, improve our health and reduce stress and anxiety. It is an exercise that will help you to stay and enjoy the present moment. The easier way on how you can do it is to be aware of your breath.

How to prepare for this activity 

You need a relaxing space and room for everyone to fit in comfortably. 

Switch off your smartphone.

Remove distractions from the room.

Feel free to add any object to make you feel more comfortable in the space (e.g.  candles, a diffuser, music, pillows)

Step 1 – Create a comfortable space to relax and get everyone ready

Creating a comfortable space is key if you would like to have a good experience meditating. Ensure everyone in your team feels comfortable and ready to start the activity. Ensure no one has their phone and try to chose a room with no black screens.

You can improve the team’s meditation space by checking out Pinterest, where you can find some creative ideas for elements you can add to the room. For example, use a comfortable pillow and blanket, essential oil diffuser, candles, and some stones.

Step 2 – Choose a guided meditation of your liking

Mindvalley is a top preference for me. In this article, you could find some of the meditations they recommend depending on what you would like to achieve within your team (Sleep, Anxiety, healing, mindfulness, etc.).

My go to meditation is The 6 Phase Meditation by Vishen, and it takes around 20 minutes. 

Step 3 – Press play and enjoy a peaceful session with your team.

Just relax and let it be. Enjoy the meditation session and be present in the moment. Ensure you ask your team about the experience and if they would enjoy more of these activities in the future. 

Group activity

Activity 2 - The Gratitude Test

When was the last time that you asked your team members how they are doing ? And how often do you do it? 

It sounds very basic, but when we are busy with many dead lines and projects, sometimes we might forget to think about each other and what is actually happening around us. 

Step 1 – Get your team together and as one at a time the following questions

With this activity, you should spend 3 to 5 minutes and ask your team, “On a scale of 1-5, how is everyone doing today?”

Then ask “what were your top 3 highlights for last week”. This question could activate your team to think positively about their main moments and bring grateful energy to the space you are sharing. 

Another option for step 1 is to ask your team to draw one thing that brightens their day during last week. 

Step 2 – Let the sharing of information flow

During the activity listen to what the team say. Let each one of them answer the question and share the experience. Be sympathetic and appreciative if people are getting deep.  

Step 3 – Thank you for sharing 

Summarise the session by thanking the team for sharing their feelings and thoughts. Now you know a little bit more about your team and what can make them happy. 

circle drawing

Activity 3 - The Creativity Challenge

This is an active activity you could do with your team before a brainstorming session. It helps warm up the creative juices and gets people to think outside the box.

The goal is to push your team to think of different ways to turn circles into recognizable objects in 5 minutes.

This exercise helps the brain to be more flexible, generate more ideas and combine thoughts. it also helps people feel more connected to others in the group which increases collaboration.

How to prepare for this activity?

You will need to supply your team with a sitting area where they can draw. And a pencil/pen and paper for each of the team members .

We recommend you provide your team with other materials you think can help them be more creative, such as stickers, watercolours, crayons, graphite sticks, colour pens etc.

Step 1 – Draw 30 circles on a piece of paper

Give all the team members a piece of paper and ask them to draw  30 circles on it. They should be fairly evenly spread apart covering all the space. They can either be in a table format or evenly spread out on the whole paper. 

Step 2 – 5 minutes to draw anything using the circle

Using your pen convert the circles to what ever your heart desires in 5 minutes. Try to get creative and not just draw different faces in the circles. draw a sun, or a cup or what ever you can use the circle for. Try to use all the 30 circles. 

Its not a competition if you get less than 30 drawings that is ok. 

Step 3 – Go around and present your art 

Let each team member show what they have done. If they want they can talk a little bit about a specific drawing.

enjoy this moment, check who was the most creative and see if anyone drawn the same thing. Once everyone displayed their art the activity is complete and you are now more ready for your brain storming session. 

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