The Best 5 Minute Team Building Activities (Fun & Easy)

How can you find more joy at work? This is a complete list of the best 5-minute team building activities you can do with your team.

After a week with many activities designing websites, , Creating new logos, or providing SEO services for our customers, I like to use one of these activities to build a culture within my team.

The 3 Best 5 Minute Team Building Activities


Why Having 5 Minute Team Building Activities Will Support Your Business?

Making easy and small team-building activities could create a positive environment where your team may feel safe to fail and explore new opportunities for your company.

These activities promote creating a culture where people could feel connected, making it easier to collaborate and co-create a new product and service.

Suppose you are interested in creating a positive environment and culture that makes it possible for your staff and you to develop creative and innovative ideas. Then, you will enjoy this article.

On this list, you will get easy and fun activities that you can do with your team, so they can feel welcome, empowered, and supported to collaborate and create more value for your business and projects.

5-Minute Team Building Activities for your team

  1. Meditation session.

    What is it?

    Every day we are facing new challenges, personal and professional issues that can change our emotions and state of mind.

    My team and I use this activity especially when we are starting a new project, and we want to control our minds, looking for new ideas and inspiration. 

    Meditation is a practice that could support our life,  improve our health, creativity, wellbeing, emotions and reduce stress and anxiety.

    It is an exercise that will help you to stay and enjoy the present moment. The easier way on how you can do it is to be aware of your breath.

    What do you need for the activity?

    You need a relaxing space and your smartphone close to you when you are doing this exercise.

    Feel free to add any other object that makes you feel more comfortable doing it. Some people would like to use candles, a diffuser, music, unique clothes, and pillows.

    All you need for this exercise is a comfortable space to listen to a guided meditation.

    Step by Step

    1. Create a comfortable space where you can relax.

      Creating a comfortable space is key if you would like to have a significant experience meditating. The best is that you should add any item that has a meaningful connection in your life.

      On Pinterest, you can find some creative ideas on the elements that you can use. I, for example, use a comfortable pillow and blanket, essential oil diffuser, candles, and some stones.  

    2. Choose a guide meditation that you would like to start with.

      Mindvalley is a top reference for me. In this article, you could find some of the meditations they recommend depending on what you would like to achieve within your team (Sleep, Anxiety, healing, mindfulness, etc.).

      I implement the 6 phase meditation created by Vishen, but it takes around 20 minutes. If you are looking for a shorter exercise, I recommend this guided audio.

    3. Press play and enjoy a peaceful moment with your team.

      Just relax and let it be. Enjoy the moment that you will have to connect differently with your team.

  2. The Gratitude Test

    What is it?

    When was the last time that you asked the members of your team how everyone is doing today? And how often do you do it? 

    This exercise sounds easy, but when we are busy with many death lines or projects, sometimes we might forget to think about how we could build psychological safety within our team. 

    With this activity, you should spend 3 to 5 minutes and ask them, “On a scale of 1-5, how is everyone doing today?”

    It would help if you also considered asking, “what were your top 3 highlights for last week”. This question could support your team to think positively about their main moments and bring grateful energy to your environment. 

    Another way you can approach this activity is to ask your team to describe with a draw one thing that bright them joy during last week. 

  3. The Creativity Challenge

    What is it?

    This is an active activity that you could do with your team before a brainstorming session. It would be best if you warmed up your creative thinking with your team with this exercise.

    The main goal is to push your team to think of different ways to turn circles into recognizable objects in 5 minutes.

    This exercise will also allow your team to be flexible, generate more ideas, combine, and create a pleasant environment within your team. At the end of the activity, they could feel connected to others and come up with innovative solutions.

    What do you need for the activity?

    You will need some circles on a piece of paper and pencils and other materials available so you can convert circles into an object.

    We recommend you provide your team with all materials you think necessary to help them be more creative, such as pencils, watercolours, crayons, graphite sticks, pens, etc.

    Step by Step

    1. Give all the team members a piece of paper with 30 Circles and the materials that they can use to draw.
    2. Draw and convert circles into an object in 5 minutes (Be creative, there are no limits on this activity).
    3. Check your results with your team. Discover how many of you draw the same object. Who made the crazy object? Who converted all the circles into objects? Which are the more abstract objects? Does anyone combined circles create a bigger draw?
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About the Author: 
Santiago is the co-founder of Mindesigns, a company that design creative solutions for Australian companies.  

Collaborate, inspire and create with us.