Project Summary:

  • Story board development
  • Design of animation characters
  • Design of character movement
  • Editing and animating video

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The Scene that made us cry!

Stanger Things moved us, especially Season 4 Episode 4, where Max found herself face-to-face with Vecna (the villain). We loved it so much we decided to create a whole animation as a side project based on that scene. For us, it was one of the best moments of the entire season.

All the animations, including the characters and backgrounds, were custom designed. We shared the project on Facebook, and the results were excellent regarding “like” interactions. However, not too many people commented or shared this post.

Most importantly, we learned something to improve our marketing and engagement strategies.

Pixelated characters

The Super Mario Bros video game inspired the art, which was released around the same period as Stranger Things (80’s 90’s vibe). We got several requests to make this a video game from viewers. But not enough to make this a feasible venture.

Although short, The video had over 100 design elements

Special thanks to everyone involved!

These projects bring us together and significantly contribute to Mindesign’s spirit. It’s in our nature to be creative, collaborate and play. We want to thank all the team members involved in this project. We all hope to create more of these in the future.

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