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Sydney, Australia

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VIA Education is a vocational school located in Sydney that offers diplomas and pathway courses in Hospitality, Management, Marketing, Human Resources, and Project Management.

The school needed help creating the right strategies to accomplish a well-rounded online presence that felt on-brand while building a personal connection with their community, at the same time. Their website and social media accounts both required a lot of help.


The school’s social media presence was too small and entirely ineffective due to a complete lack of strategy reflected in their null engagement. They didn’t have any established directives for content creation, nor did they have a consistent style of communication when interacting with their community.

As a result, they were also unable to reach new potential customers in their target market, which was evident in their student enrollments.

In addition to the aforementioned issues, they were not gathering analytics data that could help them target their ideal audience more effectively.

And if that weren’t enough, they were also in the process of introducing a secondary brand without really knowing where to start or how to avoid making it confusing to followers and customers.


“>We initially performed market research for the brand and created a plan of action that included a social media posting and engagement strategy, plus creative direction and clear guidelines for content creation.

We also explained the challenges the secondary brand presented and devised a step-by-step approach that would allow them to integrate it without confusing their audience.


We created a complete content plan that included cohesive design elements and a consistent communication style. This was all specifically conceived to connect with the audience they were trying to attract, both on social media and on their website.

Unfortunately, the client ultimately chose to continue working in-house on their social media and website in an unfocused, inconsistent, and ineffective way.

With some excellent direction we provided them during our short collaboration, there was a small improvement in their digital presence. We hope they learned from our plan enough to be able to keep improving in the future!

@via.edu.au Our campus is located right in the middle of the CBD in Sydney. The perfect location for all your needs 🏙️ #sydneyliving #sydney #studyinsydney ♬ original sound – VIA Education
@via.edu.au Here our Kitchen Management and Hospitality students hone the skills they’ll need for their careers! #hospitality #kitchenmanagement #studyinsidney ♬ original sound – Via Education – VIA Education


We proposed an engagement and incentives strategy that complements itself both online and on the school’s premises.

In the short time we worked together, our strategy proved to be very successful by increasing all the KPIs we had defined with the client. They had significant gains in Google reviews, traffic from social media, Instagram followers, and reach in their Instagram account.

We’re confident that had we been allowed to continue executing our plan, the client’s growth would have been exponential.

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