Red Lauren



Sydney, Australia

Project Summary:

  • Design and develop a new Ecommerce website.

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Red Lauren

Finding the best CMS for eCommerce is a challenging task. Each CMS solution has its pros and cons. some are all-in-one solutions, and some need multiple plug-ins, so how do you choose?

To make the best recommendation, we need to understand the business and the CMS to decide which platform works best for that business.

Through collaboration with Red Lauren, we found the best approach is to go with WordPress. We integrated several plug-ins to automate most of the processes that helped Lauren in terms of flexibility and cost savings.

Thanks for the gift!

It is always a pleasure to know our clients are happy with our work. Thanks, Red Lauren for the unique gift. We loved the Aussie Surf essence, and the quality of the candles is fantastic.

A light colour palette is very common for gifts and homeware products