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Melbourne, Australia

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Kangaroo Gifts (wholesaler)

Client’s Requirements

Kangaroo Gift is a go-to supplier for unique indigenous & Australian gift products, who teamed up with us to help boost their business. They were after comprehensive support, including graphic design work, website development, email marketing, and SEO. The client’s goal was to amp up their brand presence and reach out to more retailers to stock their products.

On the digital front, they needed to upgrade their website to showcase their diverse range of gift products an improve the shopping experience. They also aimed to strengthen connections with existing retailers through email marketing and SEO.

The Challenge

Kangaroo Gift reached out to us due to challenges in showcasing their unique gift products online effectively. They lacked time and digital expertise for design and online marketing, struggling with an old website that was not meeting their client’s standards. These challenges highlighted the need for a holistic approach which our full-service agency could help execute.

Old ecommerce website design

Mindesign’s Proposal

In our proposal for Kangaroo Gift, we outlined a comprehensive strategy to enhance their online presence and engagement. A key focus was on improving the user experience within their online shop, ensuring a frictionless journey for visitors. 

Additionally, we suggested a complete revamp of their website copy, tailoring the language to effectively resonate with their target audience.

To strengthen connections with new retailers, we designed a robust email sequence. This sequence serves the dual purpose of improving communication and educating leads about our client’s unique offerings.

Kangaroo gift case study

Marketing Results

After applying our proposed strategies for Kangaroo Gift, the results have been nothing short of remarkable. Over the course of a year, our collaborative efforts have led to a 40.87% increase in sales, showcasing a significant uptick in customer engagement and online sales.

Furthermore, the impact extends beyond the bottom line, Kangaroo Gift acquired a substantial number of new clients over the year. This growth underscores the effectiveness of our tailored approach, not only in remarketing to existing clients but also in expanding their reach to new retailers.

Website Growth from 2022 to 2023.

Using refined low fidelity designs, user insights and HCD principles we converted our efforts into a pixel perfect experience.

Email Marketing Growth

Achieving a 57% open rate is outstanding, especially when considering that 30-50% is typically considered well above average. A 28% clickthrough rate is impressive, far exceeding the industry average of 10%.

Client Testimonial

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