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Cairns, Australia

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Client Requirements

Eakins Finance & Insurance is a financial services firm located in Cairns that specialises in home loans and insurance. They came to Mindesigns seeking a partner to help them enhance their lead generation and digital presence.

Unfortunately, their previous marketing and web consultants did not have their best interests at heart. They created ineffective SEO content and developed a website using lousy practices, which was impossible to manage from the client’s perspective. But we quickly turned this situation around.

The Challenge

Lauren and her team faced several challenges hindering their online presence. Their website was outdated, complex, slow, and did not accurately represent their brand or services.

The website received no traffic, had a high bounce rate, and performed poorly for lead generation, negatively impacting Lauren’s business growth. They urgently needed a comprehensive solution and a trusted growth partner to put them back on track.

The Results

Once we understood the unique challenges Lauren’s team was facing, we developed a customised digital strategy to address them. We conducted a comprehensive UX audit of their website to identify areas for improvement. Based on our analysis, we developed a new website design that was modern, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

We also implemented technical changes that optimised the website’s performance, enhancing its speed, SEO and overall UX experience. We also migrated it from their existing CMS, which was managed by a third party, into WordPress, which gave them more control, and site management flexibility.

Our collaboration expanded to include ongoing SEO and Paid Ads management services, which proven to drive overwhelming number of leads to Laurens digital door step. Overall, our results delivered a generous ROI on Lauren’s marketing budget, bringing her digital presence into the top 3 loan brokers in Cairns.

One of the articles we created for Lauren generates around 30 leads a month.

Lauren’s Google Search Ads are consistently at the top positions.

SEO Eakins finance

Our lead generation costs on Google Search are around $100 per lead.

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