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Bella - Jewellery Brand & Web Template

Project Requirements

We commissioned this in-house project to create a new brand for a jewellery store. The intent was to create an outstanding unique web design that we may sell later as a template.

Logo Design

Web design


The Challenge

Inspiring and evoking curiosity in a new audience through design work can be challenging. It requires the prudent use of elements and colours to establish a brand message that boosts engagement.

With Bella, we wanted to combine the elegance and prominence of Greek history with a fresh and luxurious concept to reflect a unique brand personality. And the challenging aspect was to combine the elements we chose because this combination has never been done before, to our knowledge.


Greek Art


Mood Board

Bella captures Santorini’s romanticism and architectural beauty, fusing together the island’s design and our brand idea. This project was truly a tribute to the sunrise’s captivating freshness and beauty, a nation full of culture and history.

The brand Bella was given a unique personality through the use of art from Greek mythology. Incorporating this element provides an endless supply of design concepts we can use through the vast collection of Greek statues. And as you can see, they are an inseparable part of the brand.

Design Results

Through good design practice and market research, we managed to represent and capture Bella’s vision. Delivering the audience a fresh and contemporary brand that offers more than jewellery, but an emotional experience, connecting with the dreams and desires of the audience.

Colour Pallete

Colours of romance, elegance and sophistication are blended together in a delightful harmony of blue and pink. This choice intends to communicate freshness and luxury bringing the universality of youthful romance to life.

Bella Dark Grey

Bella Grey

Bella King Blue

Bella Salmon

Bella Light Grey

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