Understanding the Digital Marketing Funnel Including Examples and Strategies

Digital marketing funnel sketch

Foundation of the Digital Marketing Funnel A digital marketing funnel is a model that represents the journey potential customers go through, from first learning about a brand to making a purchase and beyond. This journey is typically segmented into several stages, each requiring specific strategies to effectively move leads from one stage to the next, […]

A Quick Guide to the Best Bank for Small Business in Australia

best bank in Australia

Picking the best bank for a small business might sound simple, but as cliche as it sounds, going with the wrong bank can be painful. For instance, choosing the wrong bank can cost you more and restrict your access to capital in the future, which might force you to change banks.  So, to avoid making […]

TOP 7 ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing That Every Marketer Needs to know

ChatGPT Art

Are you struggling to keep up with creating marketing content? What if your entire marketing team became available 24/7? Well, now it’s possible with the help of AI tools.  The AI-powered ChatGPT prompts for marketing we tested have been shown to help generate captivating marketing materials and fresh marketing content.   We’re not saying AI […]

Filmora vs Final Cut: 2024 Review Which One is Better? 

Filmora Vs Final Cut Comparison

Filmora vs Final Cut Pro in a Nutshell Video content reigns in digital marketing today more than ever, so we decided it would be valuable to compare Filmora vs Final Cut Pro as they are very popular choices.   Filmora’s intuitive interface and AI-enabled editing make it easier to use for beginners and YouTube hobbyists, while […]

UX/UI Design Solution – Tips and Software Recommendations

UX/UI design solutions

UX/UI Design Solution Tips 1. Leverage Real User Data on your Website/Platform Understanding user behaviour through real data is essential for conducting a UX design audit. Otherwise, you could be making changes based on a gut feeling, which is highly inadvisable. You need tools that can tell you what is and isn’t working. By leveraging […]

Digital Menu Board Design Must Do’s

digital menu

At the end of this article, we provided some examples of the best digital menu board design options we found. But before you scrawl down, we highly recommend checking out our five tips for creating an effective digital menu board. 1. Keep Your Digital Menu Board Design Simple Clarity is key in digital menu board […]

Free AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing (2024 Top Selection)

affiliate marketing tools

In affiliate marketing, the key to success is creating great content consistently to promote your affiliate links. This is a challenging task that requires constant innovation and quality. However, advanced free AI tools for affiliate marketing offer a significant boost to this process. These tools are like powerhouses, enhancing your content creation workflow so you […]

How to Plan and Master Your B2B Marketing Budget

Calculating the numbers behind your B2B marketing budget can be daunting and usually comes second in our list of priorities. Still, a well-defined plan can be your roadmap towards maximising the return on ad spend (ROAS) and the overall return on your marketing efforts.   Simply guessing your marketing budget without a clear goal makes it […]

Innovative NDIS Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business

NDIS business sign

Digital Marketing for NDIS is Booming Digital NDIS marketing is becoming a must strategy for many businesses in Australia, but why? Let’s get a snap picture of what is going on. Since the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in 2013, statistics show a significant increase in the number of people requiring disability […]

Invest in Startups in Australia: A Complete Guide for New Investors

startups Australia

The current landscape of Startups in Australia In recent years, Australia’s startup ecosystem has rapidly evolved, becoming a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Oceania region. This transformation is underpinned by significant growth in early-stage funding, a testament to the burgeoning confidence in Australian startups. From 2018 to 2022, Oceania, primarily led by Australia, […]

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