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“We had to stop our campaigns to catch up on the work.”

Since the beginning of our partnership, Lauren has experienced nothing but significant growth in leads and website traffic, and, most importantly, a substantial return on her online advertising costs.

“We went from $21.50 to $5.30 per software sign up”

Throughout 2022-2023, we partnered with GeoNadir. During this time, we enhanced their Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, securing software sign-ups at a fraction of the previous cost.

Simultaneously, we achieved substantial progress in their website SEO. Notably, we boosted annual web traffic from 33,400 to an impressive 122,600.

“We had 1-2 website visits know it’s up to 300 per a day”

In just one year, we boosted EMG Antennas’ digital growth, tripling their lead generation and allowing them to expand their business from a one-person operation to a team of three.

This impressive outcome was accomplished through a strategic combination of Google ads and SEO, resulting in a substantial increase in web traffic from 1-3 daily visits to an impressive 200-300 daily visitors!

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