SEO Consultant: How to Select the Best (Complete guide 2021)

This is a complete guide to select an SEO consultant in Sydney.

So if you are looking for:

  • Services from a SEO expert who you could trust.
  • Make a wise decision for the right candidate or agency.
  • Increase sales and traffic to your website with a creative consultant.


Then you will enjoy the actionable advice from this guide.

Let ‘s start.

How to Select an SEO Expert For Your Business


When I was working with one of my clients, I found out that the last SEO consultant was taking advantage of his situation. He had all the passwords for my client’s websites and took control of them and used them as leverage. 

Unfortunately, at that time,  the consultant was developing the wrong strategies that were affecting his reputation (Strategies not aligned with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines).

Like my client, you could face issues with the selection process to find a good SEO consultant that provides value to your company. 

If your website doesn’t show up within a few months in organic search results on Google, Youtube, Yahoo, or Bing, you have paid expensive SEO services for not a lot of value. 

Then what should you do? How can you select the right consultant for the job and avoid getting ripped off? That is the topic that I would like to guide you through with this guide.

What does an SEO Consultant do?


SEO consultants support companies to increase their visibility on organic search engines. So for example, if your customer is searching for a specific keyword on Google your company would appear in the top positions in the results.  

Having a talented SEO is crucial if you want to increase your online performance and attract more customers with digital strategies. 


Why will a Technical SEO consultant add value to my business?


A talented SEO expert might support you to increase the online visibility of your business. The specialist could work with you to create value for your customers by providing high-quality content looking on Google or other organic search engines.

If you have a startup or a small business, this could be ideal because it will support your business to increase sales and generate more business opportunities. 

The more people you have in your team, the more your business could grow and archive your vision.

Can you do SEO yourself?


If you have strong communication and web design skills and know about web development, you could create valuable SEO strategies for your business. You can start with small actions, and with time, you will obtain more knowledge and experience on it.

We recommend you to read complete guides and studies cases from reputable blogs like Brian Dean, Eric Enge, Moz, and courses that you could find online with reliable sources. with reliable sources.  

How Much it Cost SEO Services in Australia?


It will variate with the specific requirements of your business and your marketing strategy. You could find SEO services in Australia starting from $500 AU to 7.000 AU per month (Not including GST).

How do I add SEO to my website?


Our best advice is to start with  Local SEO strategies; you could create a free listing with a Local Australian Business Directory like Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Bing Places, Apple Maps, Youtube, and others. 

 But you also could work with your web developer to fix technical issues from your website. Then you could create more advanced strategies, but you will need to learn more about SEO guidelines.

4 Actionable Techniques That you can Implement to Hire the Right SEO Consultant


The biggest issue in the industry  is to find a talented specialist who you could trust to help you grow your business, so what can we do?

  • Evaluate your candidate’s results working for other companies


Your first task is to check referrals and the previous work the consultant completed.

You can check what area they specialised such as SEO or design to determine if their skills are suitable for your project.

Try to determine if their previous work was successful for search engine visibility. Also, it is essential to evaluate how the personality and performance of your candidate collaborated with other people in the project.

There are three ways that you could apply:

    • Ask them for evidence of their work and how they support other companies.

      Your candidate should be able to provide you data and specific results of their work with other businesses. Otherwise, you might have to interview your candidate and ask him to share some results and examples with some success stories. 

      Every consultant might have a confidentiality agreement with their clients, so just ask them to show it in an online or face-to-face interview.

Ask them for evidence of their work and how they support other companies

    • Contact your SEO’s candidate references.

      You should validate your candidate’s skills with some of their last business references.

      The validation will be helpful because you would like to hire a reliable consultant who can collaborate and provide you with solutions and guidance.

      We recommend you to ask questions related to your candidate’s performance and results, the collaboration your candidate had with their team, and any other relevant questions you consider.

    • If your candidate is working for an agency,  we recommend you to check their Google My Business profile and their reviews.

      One of the essential tools for any SEO consultant who wants to improve their local visibility with Google is to set up their own Google My Business.

      We recommend you to check if it is coherent with his business and the reviews that they could have.

      In the example below, you could see one case where they just have eight reviews from more than ten years in business.

      Does that represent coherence from their company?

      we recommend you to check their Google My Business profile and their reviews

  • Contact your SEO candidate and ask them preselection questions


Before you decide to work with any consultant, you should call them and ask questions related to their experience and skills. 

We recommend you to check their knowledge-creating strategies to increase the reputation and authority of Search Engines.

What does it mean? 

Be aware that your SEO consultant and your team should create value and improve your customers’ experience within your website if you don’t want any penalty from Google. 

Because of that, you should check if your SEO candidate is implementing strategies that aren’t penalized by Google.

Some questions that you could ask are:


    • How could you help me to increase my ranking? What type of tactics do you recommend? Do you follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

      Note: If you notice that the responses from your candidate are not related to providing more value for your customers or increasing your website’s performance, you just do not select them. They might do some shadow strategies to increase your ranking, which are not allowed by the Webmaster Guidelines.

    • How could you support my business to obtain more links from other websites? (Know on the SEO sector as Backlink building).

      Note: The more links you have directing to your website, the more authority your website will have, improving your ranking. But be aware that with this strategy, you should be careful. There are some shadow strategies that some consultants might do to create unnatural backlinks.

      Also, we recommend you ask your candidate if you lose some links when you finish your contract with them. If they tell you that you will lose some links, don’t trust that candidate and look for another option. They have created a strategy to secure you as a customer and not provide value to your customers.

    • Could you guarantee that I will Rank #1?

      Note: If their answer is yes, please doubt them. Google has proven that no one should guarantee you that. It depends on different factors, and no one is allowed to assure you that.

    • How long will it take to obtain results?

      Note: Google and research have proved that it takes between 4 months and one year to implement actions and check results. If they are selling you strategies that you will get significant results in a small amount of time, be aware that they might be do something shadow.

    • Why are you different from other consultants and agencies on the market?

      Note: A talented consultant will respond to you straight away. A shadow candidate might avoid this question or guarantee that you will rank #1 with their services. 

Discover if the SEO consultant is interested in your business and they are asking questions into the conversation.

A talented SEO consultant will try to understand your business model and operation.

They will try to ask relevant questions related to how they could help you grow your business and your value proposition.

Some questions that you might expect from them are:

what is the value proposition from your business differentiating from your competitors?

What are your current lead generation strategies?

What are your target customers?

What are the channels that you are using to reach your customers?

How do your customers find your website?

How are your direct competitors?.

  • Check the personality of the consultant.


If you want a talented consultant, you should evaluate more than their knowledge and experience.

You should check your candidate’s personality and discover if it can work in your team with your business values.

On the other hand, you could consider studies where have been proven the drivers for effective team performance.

For example, Google has announced that the primary skills for effective performance within a group are Emotional Intelligence, creativity, and communication.

Suppose you don’t have an HR team that could evaluate the psychological skills of your candidate.

In that case, we recommend you use free tools to assess your candidate’s personality and check if it can be an excellent fit for your business.

16 Personalities is a free tool where you can understand your candidate’s personality aspects. This tool has been using by other companies and people more than 423.000.000 times, and reputable scientific studies have developed it.

With 16 Personalities, you will evaluate your candidate’s personality (Check the image above).

This information will help you to select the right candidate that can fit the culture within your company.

  • Test your SEO consultant.


You should make sure that your candidate has the right experience and knowledge for the objective that you might have in your company. 

Depending on the case and the selection process you are using, you should validate it with a test or validation process.

The first option you could use is to ask your candidate if they’re already ranking for a particular keyword (for their own business). 

The majority of your candidates might have a business, or they are working with an agency. You could just ask them in the interview and then check for the ranking online. 

Check if what you found is coherent with what they are telling you.

The second option you might use is meeting with your candidate and asking them their opinion about your website’s performance.

What issues can they identify?

How to fix it and why?

and what other improvements can they see with your website?


How can you select a talented SEO professional? Talk with your candidates and try to understand their interest in working with you.

The right consultant should be a person who wants to help you improve your website’s digital experience and performance, not just to offer you services to increase your ranking.

You should also select a professional you will like to work with and provide you with more value to support your business.

On the other hand, If you select a consultant, you should start with a small project and check the results between 30 to 60 days.

You could assign them a keyword or a page that you will like to increase your visibility and check how much traffic you are getting or another measure that you might think appropriate.

Contact us if you would like more support for your business. 

Also, you can find more inspiration and complete guides that our team have created. 

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About the Author: 
Santiago is the co-founder of Mindesigns, a company that design creative solutions for Australian companies.  

Collaborate, inspire and create with us.