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    Free AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing (2024 Top Selection)

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    In affiliate marketing, the key to success is creating great content consistently to promote your affiliate links. This is a challenging task that requires constant innovation and quality. However, advanced free AI tools for affiliate marketing offer a significant boost to this process. These tools are like powerhouses, enhancing your content creation workflow so you can produce more high-quality content in less time.

    This article introduces you to some of the best free AI tools for affiliate marketing out there that can streamline your content creation, making it more efficient and effective. With the right tools in hand, you’ll find that creating engaging content isn’t just crucial for a successful affiliate marketing career—it becomes the best part of the job.

    Free AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing

    1. Claude by Anthropic

    What It Does: Offers detailed, conversational AI-driven content generation.

    Flagship Features:

    • Long-form content generation
    • Minimalist interface
    • Document uploads


    Cost Info:

    • API: $0.25 – $75 per million tokens, depending on the model
    • Claude Pro Subscription: $20/month in the US, £18/month in the UK​


    Claude emerges as a groundbreaking conversational AI, developed with the intent of being helpful, honest, and harmless. With its version 2 release, Claude distinguishes itself by generating longer, high-quality content rapidly, paralleling the capabilities of GPT-3.5.

    Its edge lies in crafting extensive articles in a single interaction, five times larger than ChatGPT. Claude also provides a user-friendly and minimalist chat interface. Its incorporation of document uploads enhances its utility, making it an indispensable tool for content creators who focus on SEO and seeking depth and quality.

    Claude by Anthropic

    2. Canva’s Magic Design

    What It Does: Automates graphic design through AI for professional-quality visuals.

    Flagship Features:

    • AI design templates
    • Extensive asset library
    • Easy design creation


    Cost Info:

    • Free version is available with limited functionality.
    • Canva Pro: $12.99/month or $119.99/year for one user.
    • Canva for Teams: Starts at $14.99/month per person for the first 5 users


    Canva has revolutionised graphic design with its user-friendly platform, and its Magic Design feature elevates this experience by integrating AI to automate and inspire design processes. Magic Design allows users to create stunning visuals by simply describing their vision. The AI interprets these descriptions to generate a variety of design templates that can be further customised.

    This feature is particularly appealing for those looking to quickly produce professional-quality designs without extensive graphic design experience. Canva’s extensive library of fonts, images, and design elements, combined with AI’s generative capabilities, makes it an indispensable tool for creating social media graphics, presentations, and marketing materials.

    Canva AI tools

    3. ChatGPT by OpenAI

    What It Does: Provides AI-generated text responses for a wide range of queries.

    Flagship Features:

    • Rapid, accurate responses
    • Voice and mobile app integration
    • Generous free tier


    Cost Info:

    • Free tier available.
    • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month for more features and capacity


    ChatGPT has captured global attention with its expansive free tier, which enables users to leverage the power of generative AI. Powered by GPT-3.5 Turbo, it excels at delivering prompt and precise responses to a spectrum of queries.

    The integration of voice commands and mobile app accessibility broadens its reach. Although faced with limitations during peak times and the absence of advanced features in the paid tier, ChatGPT’s consistency and user-friendliness make it a go-to AI tool for beginners.

    ChatGPT image

    4. DALL·E by OpenAI

    What It Does: Creates detailed images from textual descriptions.

    Flagship Features:

    • Generates contextual images
    • Supports creative exploration
    • Broad application range


    Cost Info:

    • Credits system: free credits monthly, additional credits at $15 for 115 credits【source needed】


    DALL·E, developed by OpenAI, is a state-of-the-art AI program capable of generating highly detailed and contextually relevant images from textual descriptions. This tool pushes the boundaries of creativity, enabling users to visualise anything they can describe in words.

    From surreal art pieces that blend disparate concepts to highly specific scenes, DALL·E’s power lies in its ability to materialise the imagination into visual reality. Its application spans artistic expression, conceptual visualisation, and even educational content creation, providing an invaluable resource for professionals looking for free AI tools for affiliate marketing.

    dalle-3 ai

    5. Runway

    What It Does: Enhances video production with AI for editing, effects, and more.

    Flagship Features:

    • AI video creation tools
    • Real-time collaboration
    • User-friendly interface


    Cost Info:

    • Free tier available; Pro versions start from $15/month


    Runway is a cutting-edge platform that brings the power of AI to video creators, offering a suite of tools designed to simplify and enhance the video production process. With features spanning video editing and visual effects to motion graphics and 3D modelling, Runway stands out for its comprehensive approach to AI-powered video creation.

    One of its most impressive features is the ability to generate realistic video sequences and apply complex visual effects with simple text commands, leveraging AI models similar to those used in image generation but specifically tailored for video content.

    Additionally, Runway provides tools for real-time collaboration, making it easier for teams to work together on projects from different locations. Its user-friendly interface ensures that professionals and hobbyists alike can harness the power of AI for their video projects, making sophisticated video production more accessible than ever.

    Whether it’s for film, social media content, or digital art, Runway’s AI capabilities open new creative possibilities for video creators.

    runway ai image

    6. Google’s Bard

    What It Does: Experimental conversational AI leveraging the web for information.

    Flagship Features:

    • Fast, unlimited responses
    • Google Workspace integration
    • Real-time data usage


    Cost Info:

    • Currently offered for free; may have associated costs depending on Google Cloud services used


    Bard is Google’s foray into experimental conversational AI, designed to mimic ChatGPT while leveraging the vast expanse of the web for information retrieval.

    Despite facing scrutiny over inaccuracies, Bard’s integration with Google Workspace, YouTube, and Maps offers a distinct advantage, enriching the content creation experience with fast, unlimited responses and real-time data incorporation. With the anticipation of Gemini Ultra’s integration, Bard is set to redefine conversational AI and compete with other AI language models like ChatGPT by OpenAI.

    Google bard

    7. Adobe Photoshop’s AI

    What It Does: Integrates AI for advanced image editing and manipulation.

    Flagship Features:

    • Content-Aware Fill
    • Neural Filters
    • Streamlined workflows


    Cost Info:

    • Part of Adobe Creative Cloud; subscriptions start at $20.99/month for individuals


    Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard for image editing and manipulation, has continually integrated AI features to streamline workflows and introduce new creative possibilities. Among its AI-driven tools, features like Content-Aware Fill and Neural Filters stand out. Content-Aware Fill allows users to remove or replace parts of an image with surprising accuracy, with the AI analysing the surrounding pixels to fill in the space seamlessly.

    Neural Filters, on the other hand, offer a range of effects from enhancing portraits to stylising images, all powered by AI to transform photos in ways that were previously time-consuming or impossible. These features exemplify how AI can augment traditional image editing techniques, empowering users to achieve professional results faster and more creatively.

    Adobe ai

    8. Leia

    What It Does: Provides glasses-free 3D display technology for various devices.

    Flagship Features:

    • 3D holographic displays
    • Device-wide application
    • Content creation toolkit


    Cost Info:

    • Leia’s pricing ranges from a free plan to paid plans at $4.99/month for Leia Pro and $6.99/month for Leia Business, both for 12 months


    Leia represents a pioneering step in the realm of 3D display technology, leveraging AI to create immersive visual experiences without the need for special glasses. Named after the iconic holographic message from Princess Leia in “Star Wars,” this technology aims to bring science fiction to reality by enabling lifelike 3D visuals on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and displays.

    Leia’s technology utilises advanced light field display techniques and AI algorithms to project high-resolution 3D images and videos into space, creating a holographic effect that can be viewed from different angles.

    For creators and developers looking for free AI tools for affiliate marketing, Leia offers a toolkit to design and deploy 3D content, opening new avenues for interactive applications, advertising, and entertainment. The potential applications of Leia’s technology are vast, from enhancing mobile gaming and virtual reality experiences to revolutionising medical imaging and education with 3D visualisations.

    As the demand for more immersive and interactive content grows, Leia’s innovative approach to 3D display technology positions it as a key player in the future of visual media, including its utility in creating engaging content for affiliate marketing.

    leia inc ai

    9. Bing Chat by Microsoft

    What It Does: Offers conversational AI capabilities with integration into Microsoft’s ecosystem.

    Flagship Features:

    • Access to GPT-4
    • Microsoft technology integration
    • High-quality content creation


    Cost Info:

    • Free with Bing; additional costs may apply for advanced Microsoft integrations


    Bing Chat embodies Microsoft’s integration of OpenAI’s prowess into its ecosystem, offering GPT-4’s advanced intelligence without the cost of a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

    Though it restricts chats to a certain number per session and day, Bing Chat breaks barriers by blending Microsoft’s proprietary technology with GPT-4, facilitating high-quality content creation for free, albeit with a less appealing interface.

    bing ai

    10. Character AI

    What It Does: Enables creation and interaction with AI-generated chatbots.

    Flagship Features:

    • Personalised AI characters
    • Interactive community platform
    • User-friendly design


    Cost Info:

    • Character AI offers a free tier for unlimited AI interactions and a premium plan called c.ai+ for $9.99/month, providing faster responses and additional features​


    Character AI adds a layer of fun and engagement to AI interactions, allowing users to create and interact with AI-generated chatbots for various purposes, from language learning to creative entertainment. The platform’s user-friendly design simplifies the creation of personalised characters, fostering a creative and interactive community of AI enthusiasts.

    Character AI

    11. Perplexity AI

    What It Does: An AI-powered search engine delivering accurate, comprehensive responses.

    Flagship Features:

    • Natural language processing
    • Real-time web search
    • User question follow-up


    Cost Info:

    • Perplexity AI has a free version and a Pro plan priced at $20/month or $200/year


    Perplexity AI stands out as an AI-powered search engine that harnesses natural language processing and machine learning to deliver accurate, comprehensive responses to user queries. Its reliance on GPT technology enables a human-like understanding and generation of text, offering an innovative approach to information discovery and sharing.

    Available on web and iPhone, Perplexity AI democratises access to up-to-date information, embodying the future of search engines. This product will surly become a gem in the future for those seeking free AI tools for affiliate marketing


    12. TextFX by Google

    What It Does: Offers AI-powered tools for creative writing and wordplay.

    Flagship Features:

    • Creativity-boosting tools
    • Educational video guides
    • Transparent AI prompts


    Cost Info:

    • TextFX by Google is a suite of AI-powered creative writing tools available for free​


    TextFX, an experimental project from Google, caters specifically to rappers, writers, and wordsmiths seeking to elevate their creative output. With tools designed to enhance creativity, TextFX offers unique features like word break analysis and acronym generation, accompanied by video guides from Lupe Fiasco.

    The transparency of the underlying prompts and the educational aspect of its “look under the hood” feature make TextFX a treasure trove for creative exploration.

    Free AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing

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