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    Digital Menu Board Design Must Do’s

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    At the end of this article, we provided some examples of the best digital menu board design options we found. But before you scrawl down, we highly recommend checking out our five tips for creating an effective digital menu board.

    digital menu in a restaurant

    1. Keep Your Digital Menu Board Design Simple

    Clarity is key in digital menu board design. The primary goal is to make the menu easy to read and understand at a glance. Use large, bold fonts for item names and prices, and ensure there’s a high contrast between the text and the background.

    Avoid clutter by limiting the amount of text and focusing on what’s most important—what you’re selling and how much it costs, that is all! A simple layout helps customers make quick decisions, which is especially crucial in shopping centre advertising, where many options are available.

    digital menu board

    2. Always Use High-Quality Images

    Images can be very effective on digital menu boards, but they should be used judiciously. High-quality images of your food can entice customers and give them a visual taste of what they can expect. They can also improve the buyer’s perception of the quality of your product.

    However, too many images can overwhelm and slow down the decision-making process. Choose a few signature dishes to highlight visually, and ensure the photos are professionally taken to reflect the quality of your offerings.

    high quality digital menu board

    3. Keep Your Digital Menu Board Design Dynamic

    One of the main benefits of digital menu boards is the ability to change content easily and frequently. Use this to your advantage by featuring daily specials, promotions, or seasonal items.

    This not only keeps the menu fresh and exciting but also allows you to adjust offerings based on inventory or demand. Incorporating motion graphics and transitions can also capture attention, but be careful not to make these elements too distracting or hard to understand.

    dynamic digital menu board

    4. Maintain Brand Consistency

    Your digital menu boards should be an extension of your overall brand. This includes using your brand’s colour scheme, fonts, and logo. Consistency helps reinforce your brand identity and enhances customer recognition and loyalty.

    Every element on the screen should be cohesive and reflect the overall vibe of your establishment, it should feel like part of the overall look of your restaurant.

    digital menu board design

    5. Optimise for Readability from a Distance

    Finally, consider the viewing distance and angles in your venue. Digital menu boards need to be readable from different parts of your establishment. This means using appropriately sized fonts and ensuring that there’s enough spacing between lines of text. The screen’s brightness should also be adjusted based on the ambient lighting to ensure visibility without glare.

    digital menu board design example

    By implementing these design tips, your digital menu boards can become an effective tool for enhancing customer experience and driving sales. Remember, the goal is to make the menu inviting and easy to navigate, which will, in turn, facilitate a smoother and quicker ordering process. Now, let’s check out some great examples for inspiration.

    Digital Menu Board Examples

    Digital menu for restaurants


    menu board digital


    simple digital menu board


    digital menu board


    simple digital menu design



    digital menu board

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