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    Innovative NDIS Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business

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    Digital Marketing for NDIS is Booming

    Digital NDIS marketing is becoming a must strategy for many businesses in Australia, but why? Let’s get a snap picture of what is going on. Since the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in 2013, statistics show a significant increase in the number of people requiring disability and aged care support.

    For instance, Australia’s average life expectancy has risen from around 76 years in the 1990s to over 85 today, leading to a larger population needing support in their later years. Additionally, the Baby Boomer generation, known for its sheer size, is now entering retirement age, placing further strain on the system.  

    life expectancy Australia 

    Catering to this expanding market requires more than traditional marketing strategies—today’s digital age also requires a solid online presence, which has become necessary for NDIS providers as targeting individuals with limited digital skills is not as fruitful as it used to be. This is because the decision-making process often falls on family members and caregivers who use and rely on online resources. With competition becoming fiercer than ever, a solid online presence is now more necessary for NDIS providers to establish successful businesses.  

    Before we dive into our innovative marketing recommendations, note we have plenty of experience working with NDIS providers. If you need assistance with your digital marketing, get in touch with our team.

    Building Your Buyer Persona  

    While the NDIS Participant may be the ultimate beneficiary of your services, it is important to recognise that family members and caregivers are often the driving force behind the research and decision-making process. Remember not to bombard potential clients with sales pitches—this is the population that prioritises valuable information and informative content that addresses their specific concerns.   

    NDIS caregivers online with senior

    Offering valuable content and optimising your online presence will start with the right audience – in your case, individuals who are already actively looking for an NDIS business that can help them. This target audience allows you to build a buyer persona for your ideal client – understand their demographics, online behaviour, and pain points that will empower you to tailor your content and NDIS marketing strategies.  

    When creating your buyer persona, focus on gathering essential information. Certain characteristics, such as whether your buyer persona is an introvert or extrovert or if they lean towards being analytical or creative, may not be relevant.

    Unlike standard templates, our digital marketing buyer persona template prompts you with the right questions to ensure you capture the information that truly matters. If you haven’t yet outlined your buyer persona, we strongly recommend utilising our template for the best results. 

    Number 1# – NDIS Marketing Lead Magnet

    Creating a buyer persona to understand your audience better is just the first piece of the puzzle. Your NDIS business needs different marketing elements to effectively reach your target audience. This includes strategies such as nurturing leads through email marketing campaigns, engaging with the audience through social media, and creating a website that offers a seamless user experience that ultimately leads potential clients to contact your business.  

    This is also where lead magnets come in. Lead magnets are valuable resources for NDIS clients, and they often include e-books, checklists, guides and informative webinars in exchange for contact information. By providing something genuinely helpful for your potential clients, you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

    The “funnelling” process, where you provide progressive value to your leads, gradually builds trust and positions your NDIS business as the natural best option. Based on our work with NDIS service providers, lead magnets have proven to be an effective strategy and a key driver behind exceptional results.

    Google Maps and Keyword Optimisation for NDIS Marketing

    For NDIS providers, visibility on Google Maps is not just beneficial; it’s crucial. Caregivers often search for local NDIS services using phrases like “NDIS services near me.” Appearing in these searches hinges on your service’s online presence and optimisation on Google Maps. By ensuring your business is prominently listed, you directly increase your chances of being the chosen provider in your area. Moreover, conducting thorough keyword optimisation to pinpoint the exact terms used by your target audience enhances the effectiveness of your online content and discoverability.

    NDIS support Google Maps

    Integrating optimised keywords across your digital platforms, such as your website, ensures that your business not only appears in relevant searches but also meets the specific needs of caregivers and clients looking for NDIS services. This strategic approach enhances discoverability and connects you more effectively with those needing your services.

    Creating User-Friendly NDIS Website Design  

    Your business website is the cornerstone of your online presence, so you want to make it welcoming and informative. More importantly, it should be user-friendly.  

    Prioritise a clean design with clear navigation. Think large and easy-to-read fonts with intuitive menus that allow caregivers to find the information they need quickly. Remember, some caregivers may not be tech-savvy, while other persons with disabilities or seniors remain independent in managing their healthcare and NDIS funds, so make your website easy for them to navigate and read.   

    The user-friendly approach also translates to accessible language. Replace technical terms with plain everyday language that caregivers (some of whom don’t have medical-related degrees) can easily understand. Explain complex concepts in clear, concise sentences, and try not to sound condescending.

    Imagine you’re explaining the technicalities of NDIS services to a friend or a family member who is new to the process and is overwhelmed with information. Helping them understand the process builds trust and positions you as a reliable source of information.  

    Writing Content for Caregivers  

    Crafting informative website content is necessary for addressing your target market’s concerns. Focus on the information they need and their challenges when navigating the NDIS system, especially tech-challenged seniors. Provide clear explanations of your services, highlight success stories, and offer downloadable resources like FAQs and guides tailored explicitly to caregivers.  

    Address tech challenges by offering practical tips and solutions for overcoming technology hurdles that may arise for tech-challenged seniors. Include assistive technology tools or alternative communication methods to help access NDIS information. By providing informative content, you establish yourself as a trusted resource for caregivers and demonstrate your expertise in supporting NDIS participants, no matter how limited their technological access is.  

    Leveraging Paid Advertising  

    While a user-friendly website and organic search engine optimisation are crucial, you must also incorporate paid advertising strategies on social media and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to amplify your online presence. Targeted Facebook Ads, for instance, offer powerful advertising tools that target caregivers based on demographics and online behaviour. You can create compelling marketing campaigns that showcase your services and again include lead magnets to help nurture your leads.  

    You can also conduct competitive research with the help of tools such as SEMrush to analyse the online advertising strategies of the successful NDIS business. See what kind of ads they offer and what messaging they use, as well as the lead magnets they offer. All these can provide valuable insights that you can use for your own paid advertising campaigns.  

    Leveraging Traditional NDIS Marketing Strategies for Visibility

    While a strong online presence is essential in today’s digital age, traditional NDIS marketing strategies still hold value in the NDIS space. You must leverage them effectively to connect with caregivers who may not be as tech-savvy or active online.  

    NDIS Marketing using Print Materials  

    Creative, informative brochures, flyers, and posters that explain your services and the NDIS could help you reach more people. Distribute them strategically in locations they frequent, such as senior centres, community centres, doctor’s offices, and retirement communities, to reach your target audience directly.  

    Explore advertising opportunities in local newspapers, especially those with senior-focused sections. Consider niche publications that cater to caregivers or specific disability groups. Reach out to community newsletters or online directories in your local area.  

    Community Engagement  

    Community engagement is a channel that many overlook. Developing informative presentations about the NDIS and how your services can benefit participants to present and discuss at senior centres, community groups, and local support meetings allows you to connect directly with potential clients, answer their questions, and build trust.  

    Radio Marketing  

    Radio advertising, like community engagement, is often overlooked. However, it is a powerful tool for caregivers who don’t spend much time online and a good NDIS marketing strategy to consider. Radio stations have programs that cater specifically to seniors and caregivers, and putting ads on these shows allows you to reach a highly relevant audience.

    Depending on the budget for radio advertising, you can also look into Public Service Announcements that many stations offer for free or at low costs. Radio ads are still charged by length, so keep your radio ads concise, informative, and engaging. Remember to highlight the benefits you offer and clearly state your contact information to allow for easy follow-up.  

    Building Relationships for NDIS Marketing

    Strong online presence and effective marketing strategies are crucial for any business, but many underestimate the power of building relationships to attract new clients. With the target market for NDIS businesses relying on trusted professionals, you should learn how to leverage relationships with key partners who work closely with your target audience.

    These could include doctors, nurses, social workers, case managers, and therapists who work with people with disabilities and seniors. Connect with them, explain your business, and highlight the value you offer to their clients and patients.  

    Referral Programs  

    You can take your NDIS marketing strategy to another level by incentivising professionals to recommend your services by developing a referral program. This could include one-time bonuses for successful referrals or ongoing commission structures. Remember to be transparent and communicate clearly with them so that they understand your program guidelines and how they can benefit them and their clients.  


    You can also organise workshops or information sessions for professionals to discuss the NDIS program, your services, and how your business can support its clients. This not only markets your service to the right people but also establishes you as a thought leader who fosters trust, which encourages them to recommend your services. By collaborating with these key partners, you can extend your reach and gain valuable referrals from trusted sources that resonate with your target market.  


    A solid online presence is essential for NDIS providers in today’s digital age. To understand your target market’s needs, you must create a user-friendly website with valuable content to establish yourself as a trusted resource. Utilise traditional and online marketing strategies to reach family members and caregivers, both tech-savvy and more conventional.  

    Learn to build relationships with key partners who work with your target audience to gain valuable referrals and expand your reach.  

    By implementing these strategies, you can reach a wider audience, showcase your expertise, and grow your NDIS business by adapting to the evolving needs of your target market.  

    Mindesigns can help you create more innovative marketing strategies for your NDIS business. Contact our team to help you build your digital strategy now.  

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