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    The Rise of AI Marketing Tools for Businesses

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    Businesses all over the world should be aware of the numerous opportunities that AI marketing tools offer, as their implementation could bring substantial benefits.

    By keeping up with new developments in this domain, companies can get ahead of current trends and capitalize on these invaluable resources – before competitors have a chance to do so!

    According to a survey by American Marketing Association, the implementation rate of AI technology in many companies marketing toolkits jumped by an incredible 27% in 2018. And based on another survey by Deloitte insights, more organizations are embracing AI technology for marketing strategies.

    But what is AI marketing, and how can an organization benefit from it? In this article, we’ll walk through some AI marketing tools for businesses and show how some organizations implement them. 


    What is AI Marketing?

    AI marketing involves leveraging AI technology, tools, and machine learning to generate customer insights that businesses can use to customize blog content, optimize spending, and create a personalized customer experience.  

    It can also be used to automate marketing tasks such as creating website content or sending out marketing emails to increase efficiency and help scale business. 

    AI technology, however, cannot be used to replace real-time individuals and team members. As mentioned earlier, technology is only a means to an end to help create efficiency in the workplace and improve productivity. 




    Best 5 AI Marketing Tools for Business in 2023

    Anyone following AI marketing news or remotely familiar with AI trends in the marketing industry would have noticed that many organizations started leveraging AI tools to optimize their businesses.

    Today, there are so many different kinds of AI tools that businesses use to increase productivity and efficiency, and if you’re getting into this field, knowing where to start can be pretty confusing. To help you with this problem, we’ve gathered a list of 5 AI marketing tools we recommend for businesses in 2023.


    1. Jasper.ai


    Jasper.ai is an AI tool created to help organizations come up with unique copywriting for ad copies, emails, blogs, landing pages, or social media content.  

    Using this AI tool is quite easy. Users simply fill in the input fields and the tool will generate a unique copy, depending on their marketing strategy. There is a bit of a learning curve to get good at generating copy, but the effort is worth it. 

    The tool does have a subscription cost but we believe the value you get from it significantly outweighs the costs. 


    ai tools jasper


    2. Synthesia.io

    This tool is an incredible AI video-generation platform. It is a useful tool for small businesses, course creators, customer on boarding, and organizations that may need to implement videos into their marketing strategy.  

    The great thing about this tool is that users don’t need to hire actors or purchase video equipment. They can simply input their text, and the AI video generator will create an avatar that reads the text and does the marketing in their stead.


    synthesia ai tools


    3. Lensa

    Visual creators stand to gain the most from this AI. It is an AI art generator that creates artistic portraits for users.  

    The AI is trained on a database of images and can conjure up an artistic image based on the images provided by the user. There are also options to edit the image, modify, reproduce, or create derivative works.  


    lensa ai tools


    4. Chatfuel

    This AI is a chatbox commonly used by many businesses. It helps organizations automate FAQs for their websites, allows for integrating other third-party tools, and automates customer support.  

    It is a great AI tool for businesses with live sales agents who can attend to customers before purchasing on their website.


    chatfuel ai tools


    5. Dall-E

    Dall-E is an AI tool that generates images based on prompts or enhances existing images. It is a great tool for designers and can help them speed up their design process for any project.  

    Dall-E can also help small and medium-scale businesses generate unique images for their content or other marketing strategies. All the user needs to know is how to structure sentences to generate prompts that help the AI tools easily generate the right image for them. 


    dall e ai tools


    How to Use AI in your Marketing Strategy


    A glimpse into AI marketing news and trends is enough to get you excited about the benefits of AI in generating more leads. So how can a business implement AI in its marketing strategy? 

    1. Use AI to create copywriting for your marketing channels and ads. This type of AI copywriting software will reduce time spent on creating copy, and sometimes will even do a better job. Such tools include Jasper.AI or CopyAI. 
    2. Use AI to create images for your ads or landing pages. No need to hire a designer or photographer no more! We recommend checking out Dall-E 2 or NightCafe. 
    3. Use AI to get recommendations about keywords and SEO. Such software includes Semrush, VIDIQ and Ahrefs. 
    4. Use AI to track your data and website performance. A good example would be Google Analytics which has been using AI tools for several years now to help track your website’s data.


    How Does Netflix Use AI Marketing?

    As is popularly already known, Netflix is one of the leading and most reputable companies globally. Netflix uses AI to track the viewing habits of its customers and uses that data to provide recommendations. 

    This enables users to take advantage of their multimedia streaming, making it easy to customize to their preference because of the AI’s ability to track and analyze data. 


    How does Amazon use AI for Marketing?

    As with many other leading companies, Amazon also uses AI marketing strategies. This is because they know how important it is to generate leads and make sales. Amazon constantly applies AI to analyze customer behavior to understand the intent behind search queries.


    amazon ai marketing services


    Other Business That Uses AI For Marketing

    As you would expect from leading organizations worldwide, many of them also implement AI marketing to help increase lead generation and facilitate sales. Some great examples of reputable businesses that use AI for marketing include; 

    •  Google 
    • Starbuck 
    • Facebook 
    • Disney 
    • Taco Bell 
    • Dior 
    • Skype 
    • Easy Jet 
    • Hotel Hilton 
    • Levi’s 
    • Swedbank 
    • Spotify



    More businesses are starting to understand the importance of AI technology and its impact on marketing. Hence, the need to get connected and follow the news updates about AI capabilities.

    Businesses looking to achieve more with less work will do well to embrace AI marketing strategies. Given the benefits of AI technology to marketing, it’s a strategy worth exploring to help your business achieve its long-term goals. 

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