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    Clever SEO Tips – 9 Proven Ideas To Generate Website Traffic

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    Our job as an SEO agency is to generate tons of traffic. And as you imagine, we want to get the best results for our clients with little effort. Don’t get me wrong, we still want to do a great job, but if we can work smarter while reducing our work hours, we can save our clients money and generate traffic. So in this article, we are sharing our top 9 strategies that require low effort for high impact results.

    1. Website use case to generate website traffic 

    The more traffic your website attracts, the better. And it’s not because more traffic means more sales. One of Google’s SEO indicators is traffic, so the more you get, the more it compounds. One of the best ways to bring in more visitors is creating a use case for your website. Basically, to provide a reason for someone to become a repetitive visitor.

    For example, imagine you were selling an electric food mixer. One way to create a use case for this type of website is to upload a recipe on a monthly basis that require a food mixture. Such as “Our Top Recipe for July Using Our Food Mixture”. By updating this page each month, you are creating a reason for someone to come back and check new recipes.

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    Another great example is our client, who organises drone competitions and events. All the resources to participate in these competitions are found on their website. Making participants go on the website for resources creates a constant flow of visitors, which Google loves, consequently boosting the SEO score.

    Essentially you got to think about what will make your audience visit your website multiple times. You can also search what questions are generating the most traffic by using SEO Software like Semrush with their keyword magic tool.

    2. Choose SEO keywords for answering questions

    The keywords you chose do not always have to be about sales and generating leads. Think outside the box and search for keywords that are related to answering your customer’s most popular questions. Basically, to provide them value in their decision-making process about making a purchase.

    For example, If you were going to buy a car, you would probably do some market research. You might search for “Reliable Car Brands in Australia” or “Top 5 Family Cars in 2023” or “Reliable Family Cars For 6 People” etc. These long-tail keywords are searched by people looking for resources, not necessarily people looking to buy now.

    This SEO strategy will get you more traffic, and visitors may also decide to buy from you. If you dig a little deeper, you will see many businesses also use this strategy to collect their visitor’s contact details. With a potential customer contact detail, businesses can use emails or telemarketing to try and make a sale. This strategy is usually done in the form of a pop-up after a minute or two of someone reading the online resource.

    So, for example, you lead your customer to your blog “Reliable Family Cars For 6 People”, and after two minutes, your pop-up comes up “10-Year Warranty on All Our Holden Range”. You then ask your visitor to complete their details if they would like to get the offer.

    3. 360-degree photos of your premises

    360 photos of your physical shop premises are a huge SEO signal for Google. This extra step you make in completing your business’s profile indicates that your shop presence is legit and Google can trust it. Essentially these external and internal photos will significantly help improve your Google Maps and overall Google search engine rankings.

    360 office location img

    We also recommend completing all other details in full on Google my Business, such as your business opening hours, website link, address and phone number. Some businesses generate most their sales through Google Maps, so make sure you look into investing some time in optimising your account.

    4. Automate an email to get a review or a testimonial

    Google reviews are another major SEO indicator for Google, so remember, more reviews equals more traffic. We recommend automating this process were possible and email review requests to your preferred customers. Not only do reviews help you rank higher, but they also improve social prof when others are making their purchase decision.

    Website review

    5. Geotag pictures of your listings

    Geotagging photos helps Google understand where photos were taken. It is a good practice that can significantly increase your website traffic. It contributes to your local SEO and visibility when people search for businesses in a specific location. It is also a major contributor to your Google Maps account strength.

    6. Keyword research overseas

    Most businesses operate within their country’s borders. Which means they focus on competing with other local websites in their country. So typically, they don’t do any research overseas and do not get exposure to international websites. This makes sense because they don’t want to attract overseas customers.

    However, doing SEO and keyword research overseas can help identify gaps in your market. Maybe a piece of content that is doing really well in America has not been created yet in Australia. Looking at what works well in other countries may give ideas for your next blog piece or online resource.

    We recommend analysing keywords from countries with similar cultural norms. Start your review by checking international websites that are ranking for your ideal keywords. Look for what sort of content they are posting and analyse what posts are generating traffic on their blogs by using SEO software like Semrush. Don’t forget that you will need to change your IP address to see what Google is ranking in other countries.

    7. Keep an eye on the news and trends (explosive topics)

    Always be aware of what is happening in the news and follow trends. Because you might discover new trending keywords that do not have much competition. If you find a trending topic related to your business, why not post an article about it? You might be the first one to rank for that topic!

    If many people are searching for something new, help them find it, especially if you are answering their search intent or answering their questions. It’s easier to rank on Google for keywords that no one else is using.

    8. LinkedIn backlink outreach strategy

    We found that LinkedIn is a great way to reach out to get backlinks. LinkedIn is a platform where professionals constantly seek opportunities and are open to network. Meaning it’s easier to approach them for collaborations, especially if it’s a win-win situation.

    Our strategy is usually to offer content for free in exchange for a backlink. Most business owners and directors are too busy to write website content. So they will appreciate someone else doing it for them. For example, you can offer to create something that is super useful for their customers (like a guide or product review), and they will probably accept the offer.

    9. Create GIFs and interactive content

    These days pictures and photos are not enough to be competitive on social media. The most digested content type today are videos, reels and GIFs. As a result, it’s no wonder web pages with these elements are getting more traction.

    Youtuber filming themselves

    Take the extra effort needed and create videos or GIFs and add them to your web pages. Ensure you optimise them for speed by reducing their file size so they don’t compromise your visitor’s experience and website performance.


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