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    Blog / Top 10 Australian Instagram Influencers – Female Models and Leaders

    Top 10 Australian Instagram Influencers – Female Models and Leaders

    Australian Instagram Influencer Female

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    Australia has always been a land of opportunity, and its digital realm is no exception.  

    Social media influencers in Australia have become very popular amongst all generations, captivating audiences and shaping consumer trends.

    Here in Australia, female influencers are at the forefront of this movement. 

    These digital dynamos aren’t just personalities; they hold enough clout to influence your daily decisions. Whether fitness, fashion, travel, or something else, they captivate their audience and leverage their platforms to inspire and connect with thousands – in Australia and abroad. 

    But with such a vibrant online landscape, how can you decide who the right female influencer to collaborate with?

    Here is our curated list of the top 10 Australian Instagram female influencers. We’ve considered factors like follower count, engagement rates, and their impact within specific industries. Meet the inspiring women at the forefront of the Australian influencer market.

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    Top Australian Instagram Influencers List in Different Industries (Female)

    1. Tammy Hembrow

    Tammy Hembrow is an Australian fitness model, Instagram Influencer, and entrepreneur with 17.5 million followers.  

    Australian Instagram influencers female

    She founded Tammy Fit and the athleisure and lifestyle brand Saski and proved herself a force to be reckoned with in the digital space.  

    Tammy promotes fitness programs that encourage and empower women to embrace their body size and shape. She has worked with “Women’s Best,” promoting their protein shakes, Khloe Kardashian’s “Good American” for its size-inclusive clothing, and more. 

    She is a young mother of 3, and her feed is never short of luxury outfit inspiration and family moments. 

    As a prominent media personality in Australia, Tammy has been listed in Business News Australia’s 40 under 40, voted Social Media Star of the Year, Fitness & Travel by Cosmopolitan magazine, and featured in Forbes, Stellar, and more. 

    2. Kayla Itsines

    Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, author and entrepreneur. She co-created a series of fitness ebooks titled Bikini Body Guides, and a meal-planning and workout app, Sweat with Kayla. 

    Australian Instagram influencers female

    Her app generated more revenue than any other fitness app in 2016. 

    On her website, Kayla says her mission is to support women in their health and fitness journey so they can become the best version of themselves with programs that help them feel confident and strong. 

    3. Chloe Morello

    Chloe Morello is Australia’s leading beauty and style guru, with over 1.1 million Instagram followers. She offers informative, educational, and fun tutorials, reviews on beauty and skincare products, hair styling advice, and tips on personal style. 

    Australian Instagram influencers female

    Chloe is one of the most influential beauty vloggers in the world. The Australian makeup artist has been steadily blogging and vlogging since 2012, building up a massive following and becoming one of the most famous names in the beauty industry. 

    In 2022, she famously sold out Ugly Swan’s “Scream-Free Detangling Brush” after she posted about it. 

    She also founded the indie beauty brand Sireni, which focuses on clean beauty with sustainable practices. 

    4. Tara Whiteman a.k.a. Tara Milk Tea

    Tara Whiteman aka Tara Milk Tea is an influencer from Sydney. She documents her daily lifestyle as Tara Milk Tea (a nod to her Asian roots). This mostly includes her latest travel adventures, showcased through food, places and people. 

    Australian Instagram influencers female

    She describes her aesthetic as “luxury” but playful. Tara prefers to keep it real but also likes to show people the finer things in life, which she says she enjoys personally.  

    Tara endorses major luxury brands like Dior, Dior Beauty, and Piaget, as well as airlines that have taken her to different countries – and she’s willing to collaborate with more brands in the future. 

    5. Kat Clark

    Kat Zoe Clark is an Australian influencer with 732,000 followers on Instagram. She became known as the “healthy recipe girl” when she started her social media channels.

    Australian Instagram influencers female

    She still posts healthy recipes online, but she gained a wider reach when she shared her personal story. 

    In an interview, she said she shared her story because she wanted to uplift women. Kat eventually launched a business in which a percentage of the profits go to an organisation that supports women affected by domestic violence. 

    Today, her videos also often feature her children and updates from their lives. 

    6. Lorinska

    Lorrinska is a model, television personality and entrepreneur. She is mainly known for appearing in the reality series Yummy Mummies.  

    Australian Instagram influencers female

    In 2019, she launched her own pregnancy app, BUB. She is also the founder of Royale, an online clothing company. On the company’s website, Lorinska says that she was inspired to start Royale after talking with her mother. 

    She has since landed influencer deals with White Glo teeth whitening brand, Next AU kid’s fashion label, and is also a Myer ambassador, among others. 

    7. LJ Clarkson

    LJ Clarkson is a seven-time author and highly influential figure in the health and wellness industry.

    Australian Instagram influencers female

    She has 246,000 followers on Instagram and a genuine passion for environmental consciousness and producing sustainable activewear. 

    Championing initiatives like the Seamless Clothing Stewardship, LJ wants to transform how clothing is made, used and recycled in Australia.

    She also supports women’s charities and advocates for Women’s Community Shelters. It provides safe crisis accommodation options for women and children. 

    8. The Lazy CEO

    Jane Lu, aka The Lazy CEO, publishes content on Instagram that is mostly about family, business, careers, management, and marketing.

    Australian Instagram influencers female

    She has around 209.3K followers and an engagement rate of 3.26%. The average number of likes and comments per Instagram post is 6.8K and 30, respectively. 

    Jane founded the global brand Showpo, which is known worldwide for its trendy and affordable clothing and its mission to empower women everywhere. 

    In 2015 she co-founded the Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine business group, which now amasses 167,000 members. In 2023, she launched her masterclass at a very affordable entry price to help fellow entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. 

    9. Invest With Queenie

    Queenie Tan is a licensed personal finance content creator with 160,000 followers on Instagram.  

     Australian Instagram influencers female

    Queenie is a licensed personal finance content creator. She creates educational videos to inspire individuals to create better financial futures for themselves.  

    Her mission is to help individuals grow their money whether by helping them save $10 off their grocery bill or by giving them the tools to help them buy their first home. 

    10. Tash Invests

    Natasha Etschmann is one of Australia’s most popular personal finance content creators, with 109,000 followers on Instagram.

     Australian Instagram influencers female

    She is also a positive behaviour support practitioner and is living proof that you don’t have to work in finance to be good with money.

    Tash is known for discussing topics such as privilege, ethics in finance, access to financial education, investing theory, mental health as well as her personal lifestyle. 

    She has been authorised to provide general advice for financial planning, and her audience—mostly millennials and Gen Zs—has been receptive to her content. She is currently open to collaborations for influencer marketing, brand partnerships, and sponsored posts, making her a great influencer for attracting financially conscious individuals. 

    How to Engage with Australian Instagram Influencers

    Engaging an influencer effectively involves a detailed process that starts with clearly defined goals and strategy and moves through discovery, outreach, collaboration, and evaluation.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide based on expert advice to help you navigate the process:

    Define Your Strategy and Goals: Start by determining what you want to achieve with your influencer marketing campaign. This could be increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, or growing your social media presence. Clearly define what you are promoting—be it a specific product, service, or the brand as a whole.

    Discovery: Identify influencers who align with your brand’s values and have the audience you want to reach. Use tools like Scrunch, BuzzSumo, or Grin for influencer discovery, which can show detailed metrics about potential influencers. Consider their engagement rate, relevance to your niche, and the authenticity of their followers.

    Outreach: Once you have a list of potential influencers, reach out to them with a clear and polite message. Introduce your brand and propose a collaboration that is mutually beneficial. It’s important to be clear about what you expect from the collaboration and what the influencer will gain from it. Always ask for their media kit to get a better understanding of their audience and influence.

    Collaboration: Discuss and agree on the specifics of the collaboration. This includes the type of content, the message, and the timeline. Meeting in person or having a detailed conversation online can be beneficial to align your goals and expectations. It’s crucial to put everything agreed upon in writing, whether in a formal contract or a simple agreement​.

    Campaign Support and Monitoring: Provide all necessary support to the influencer to create content. This might include providing products, information, or other resources. Monitor the campaign’s performance in real-time to make adjustments as needed and measure the effectiveness based on the predefined KPIs.

    Evaluate and Scale: After the campaign, analyze its success against your initial goals. Look at metrics like engagement rates, sales numbers, or growth in followers. Use these insights to refine future campaigns and decide whether to scale up the partnership or modify your strategy.

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