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    5 New Website Ideas to Help Increase Sales

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    Here are 5 powerful ideas to improve your website’s user experience. These tactics will help increase traffic, promote engagement and boost your overall sales.

    When I first started building a website like most of us, I was a newbie. I had no knowledge of what it takes to build a successful website and most importantly, how to grow visitor traffic. It was frustrating, I remember asking myself frequently “What am I doing wrong and why some websites get hundreds of visitors, and I get zero!”

    At the time I found that creating a website using an easy-to use web builder was fairly simple. Almost anyone with half a brain can do it. But when it came to attracting new visitors to my website, I had no idea how to go about it!

    The following is a list of ideas that I wish I had when I built my first website. This knowledge would have spared me years of frustration and probably would have made me some good money. Apply these ideas into your web maintenance routine and you are guaranteed to get results!

    So here are my top 5 ways to increase leads and sales on your website. Keep reading to learn more and don’t miss out on these vital lessons!


    1. Monitor your website data

    Boring! But super necessary. One of the best ways to increase sales on your website is to monitor your data closely. This data can include website traffic, conversion rates, and average visit time. By understanding how your customers interact with your website, you can make changes that will lead to more sales and more visits.

    If you know which web pages are performing poorly, you know which ones you need to improve. You will be surprise how many people change their website because of intuition rather than data.

    Data handling always seems complex, but it is very essential to all businesses that have an online presence. Especially these days where competition is fierce and data is more accessible than ever. If you are not monitoring your data, I can assure you that you will never beat your competitors.


    2. Review UX design

    The user experience (UX) of your website is important for two reasons: first, it affects how easy or difficult it is for users to find what they’re looking for. Second, it can impact how long is their visit and whether or not they will make a purchase. If your current website is getting a lot of visits but no sales than you might have a UX design problem.

    If you got a budget to invest in your website, I suggest approaching a professional UX designer. You don’t even need to pay much to get some basic advice. Many times, a free consultation can give you the information you need to make significant improvements to your website.


    3. Optimise your marketing funnel

    Another great way to increase sales on your website is to optimize your marketing funnel. This means making sure that each step in the funnel—from awareness to consideration to purchase—is as effective as possible.

    When your marketing funnel is organised, it means you are in control of your customer journey. And with this power you can monitor the experience and engagement of each potential customer. Organising your funnel will also help you setup your email marketing campaigns, which is still one of the best ways to generate new leads today!

    Not sure how to get started? Our team at Mindesigns can help you get started. Let’s just chat first and find out what needs attention in your marketing strategy.


    4. Get feedback from existing customers

    Another great way to get ideas to increase sales on your website is to ask your existing customers for feedback. Find out what they like about your site and what could be improved. You can also ask them how likely they are to recommend your site to a friend or relative.

    Getting customer feedback can also help identify little errors within your website. You will be surprised how easily people get angry and leave your website just because of little error. When asking for feedback make sure you prepare some questions in advance to get your customers thinking. For example –

    What you didn’t like about my website?

    How can I improve your experience?

    Was there something that didn’t sit well with you?

    What was your goal when you visited my website?


    5. Get an external review by a professional

    Finally, if you really want to get some fresh perspective on how to increase sales on your website, consider getting an external review by a professional. By getting an expert’s opinion, you can get some great ideas for improving your site and boosting sales.

    There are experts that probably have already helped a business that is in your niche. So they have some experience and potentially results they can bring to the table to help you with your website. Its definitely a plus to have someone that already acquired some knowledge of your industry.

    But you have to take action! None of these ideas are worth anything without taking action. You must be aware that some of these ideas actually take a very long time to execute. So I suggest you start with the easier ideas first, like getting website feedback and professional consultation. You will be surprised how a small piece of advice can compound and deliver amazing results.

    I highly suggest you consider implementing one or more of the ideas listed above. From monitoring data closely to getting feedback from customers, there are several ways you can boost site visits and reach a wider target market. And if you need help implementing any of these ideas, you can start by getting in touch. 

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