The Best AI Tools to Explore in 2023

 In this article, we compare and contrast the top AI platforms on the market, including their features, pricing, and use cases. 

Whether you’re looking for image generators, natural language processing, or intelligent video editing capabilities, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find the perfect AI solution for your needs.

Copywriting AI


Jasper.AI is an AI copywriter that uses GPT-3 language model to generate copywriting. It can output many types of copy content with various tones and writing styles.

This AI is truly a breakthrough in speeding up copywriting content creation.

Released January 2021

Who is it for ?

Businesses and freelancers seeking a solution to create copywriting at a faster rate.

Free or paid ?

Jasper charges about $10 to generate 10,000 words. Subscription plans start at $24/month.

Overall Rating

Overall, Jasper AI is an excellent investment for those who want to save time and money on creating copywriting and AI marketing strategies. This subscription-based software will help you produce high-quality copy with few mistakes and no plagiarism, all while reducing your stress of coming up with content.

Note – you will need to review and sometimes make corrections to the content generated, but overall this powerful tool is worth checking out.

Jasper.AI Pros and Cons

  • Considerably accurate
  • Great for Social Media copywriting
  • Fast generator
  • Easy to use
  • Can create long-form articles
  • Relatively expensive
  • Brain-dead
  • Junk content still costs money
  • Plagiarism detection costs extra
  • Not great with technical content


Chat GPT is a conversational AI tool that uses the latest advancements in language modelling to generate human-like responses to text inputs, allowing it to engage in natural conversations with users.

This tool is revolutionizing the copywriting world.

Released November 2022


Who is it for ?

Businesses, freelancers and copywriters.

Free or paid ?

A free trial is available, and the cheapest plan starts at $20/month.


Overall Rating

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for businesses that want to implement chatbots for quick responses and customer satisfaction. 

Its advanced capabilities can help you automate tasks, save time, and improve efficiency. With ChatGPT AI chatbot, you can experience the future of conversational AI today.

Note – you will need to review and personalize the content as the tool can be very generic, but this is a powerful tool worth trying


ChatGPT Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Good tool to write blog posts
  • Time saver
  • Helps with a variety of topics
  • Great cost-effective solution


  • Risk of plagiarism 
  • Lack of creativity
  • Struggles with complex topics 
  • Lack of empathy

COPY.AI is an AI-powered copywriting tool designed to help content writers create effective pieces quickly and accurately.’s technology enables it to comprehend the tone and style of an intended text and provide cost-effective solutions.

Released October 2020

Who is it for ?

Marketers, social media managers and copywriters.

Free or paid ?

A free option is available, but the plan starts at $49/month with unlimited use.


Overall Rating

Although it does not create top-quality writing for long-form content, it generates great Facebook and other social media content descriptions. So it’s excellent for short-form content regarding sales and engagement.

However, it has yet to be optimized to provide SEO features to improve the content it generates, which is a big downside. Finally, the interface of is super easy to use and neatly lays out relevant features.

Copy.AI Pros and Cons

  • Has many tutorials
  • Easy interface
  • Decent text editor
  • Short-form content
  • Style content to a specific tone
  • Unlimited usage
  • Not good at long-form content
  • May lag sometimes
  • Requires fact-checking
  • Getting bad results is typical


Hypotenuse AI Copy Generator offers an adaptive AI-based content generation solution that can revolutionize the way businesses create copy.

This cloud-based platform provides personalized and accurate results without writing a single line of code.

Released August 2020

Who is it for ?

Businesses and marketers that are searching for an AI Writing solution.

Free or paid ?

A free trial is available, and the cheapest plan starts at $29/month.

Overall Rating

Hypotenuse AI is an excellent choice for those needing high-quality content fast and at an accessible price.

But if you’re looking for something more unique or cutting-edge, it may not be the ideal fit since the software is relatively new and still has some improvements to make.

Hypotenuse Pros and Cons

  • Optimised for E-commerce copy
  • Variety of content types
  • Great interface that is easy to use
  • API integration to your website
  • Requires fact-checking
  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited usage
  • Not good at long-form content
  • No use of templates

Image Generator AI


With DALL·E 2, incredible new worlds of art are just a few words away. This advanced text-to-image AI software system can create lifelike images and breathtaking landscapes on command – limited only by your imagination!

Released September 2022

Dall-E 2 Pros and Cons

  • Can optimize existing Images
  • Outputs a few variations
  • Many image styles
  • Fast generator
  • Human faces
  • Pricing
  • Most images are poorly cropped
  • Some results are horrible

Who is it for ?

It’s popular with authors, architects, artists, and other creatives who make their living from creating and editing images.

Free or paid ?

There is a free trial available, and after that, you will need to pay $15 for 115-generation increments.

Overall Rating

With Dall-E 2, transforming simple text prompts into stunning artwork is effortless.

Plus, it can give existing images an extra lift of high-quality flair. But if you’re looking for accurate facial depictions, this AI may not be your best bet!


Midjourney is an AI-powered art generation service that unlocks the creative potential of digital art.

The generative algorithms and intuitive interface create beautiful digital works of art easily.


Released July 2022


Dall-E 2 Pros and Cons

  • 25 free queries to test the service before buying membership.
  • Simulates different types of materials
  • Many image styles
  • Fast generator

  • Copyright
  • Limited customization options
  • Privacy costs more money
  • No integration with other platforms

Who is it for ?

It’s popular with, artists, photographers and other creatives who make their living from creating and editing images.


Free or paid ?

There is a free trial available, and after that, the cheapest subscription plan is $8


Overall Rating

With Midjourney, you can explore the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence and create stunning artwork like never before.



With Lensa, turn ordinary portraits into works of art. It’s one-stop editing system makes it easy to create stunning visuals with a variety of template options.

Released November 2018

Lensa Pros and Cons

  • Great support services
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality results
  • Many features
  • Great with portraits
  • Some generated avatars won’t look like you
  • Uses artist styles without permission
  • Only suitable for portraits

Who is it for ?

Photographers interested in an all-in-one image editing application to optimize their portraits.

Free or paid ?

Lensa has a 7-day trial and a subscription of $29.99/per year.

Overall Rating

Lensa is an amazing editing app that will take your portrait photos to the next level! With one tap, you can enhance information, adjust lighting and shadows, and add filters.

However, it’s not the best when it comes to other types of images which are not portraits.


NightCafe Creator is another AI Art Generator app that can also enhance existing images. Using neural style transfer, the image model turns your photos into masterpieces.

To use NightCafe you only need a simple text prompt and a little creativity.

Released November 2019

NightCafe Pros and Cons

  • Fast results
  • Easy
  • Detailed
  • Words banned
  • Hard to get results
  • Prompts rejected
  • Display Ads

Who is it for ?

It’s popular with authors, artists, and other creatives who make their living from creating and editing images.

Free or paid ?

NightCafe costs about $0.04 per image generation increment.

Overall Rating

NightCafe used to be a reliable resource for creating images, but it has since gone downhill. Note the information users enter is likely still secure. Other negatives include ads flickering on the page and customer service inquiries often going unanswered.

The lack of helpful and prompt customer service only serves to compound user dissatisfaction with the software. Overall, Nightcafe has certainly become less useful – especially in comparison to its previous iteration.

Video Generator AI


Synthesys is revolutionizing the way we approach digital content creation.

Now, harnessing our advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Text-to Video (TTV) algorithms, it uses both to transform your written scripts into engaging multimedia.

Make presentations to enhance product tutorials or website explainer videos.

Released July 2020

Who is it for ?

Organisations that are interested in creating explanatory videos and learning modules.

Free or paid ?

A free trial and paid service are available. Packages start at $279/per year.

Overall Rating

Synthesys is text-to-speech software that offers users an alternative to voice synthesis through artificial intelligence. It can quickly turn text into coherent and smooth-sounding information with just a few clicks.

Many people that have used the software are very impressed with the results, citing the clear, natural tone it produces and its ability to capture information accurately.

Synthesys Pros and Cons

  • Helps business grow
  • Wide selection of sounds, video and avatars
  • You can tell its a computer (lips sync)
  • Render time


Automatically create short, highly-sharable branded videos from your long-form content. You can also edit the highlights that you prefer to share and add your videos.

Quick, easy & cost-effective.
No technical software skills are required.

Released July 2020

Who is it for ?

Businesses who want to make short sharable videos from blogs, scripts, and webinars.

Free or paid ?

Plans start at $19/month.

Overall Rating

Overall, Pictory is an awesome and easy way to make engaging video content without having any special video-making skills.

Not only is it incredibly user-friendly, but this platform also provides information that helps you learn how to use the tools in the app. So if you want to quickly produce videos and share information with your audience, this is definitely the way to go!

Pictory Pros and Cons

  • 3D video Editing
  • Collaborating tools
  • Social sharing
  • Clumsy
  • Much tweaking needed
  • Lack of control


With Elai’s cutting-edge algorithms, you can now quickly and easily generate explainer videos and product tutorials with the help of a natural human voice. However, it still misses the human element in its videos.

Released May 2022

Who is it for ?

Professionals and companies seeking a solution to build and generate AI videos.

Free or paid ?

A free trial is available amd plans start at $29/month.

Overall Rating

Elai is a great TTS and TTV software. It has the distinct advantage of being extremely fast, a feature that has made life easier for many businesses across the world.

However, given that this technology has been out for a while now, it would be nice to see some additional information added in order to make it more flavourful.

Elai Pros and Cons

  • More customization vs competitors
  • Blog-to-video feature
  • Free trial available
  • Fast
  • Lack of diversity in editing options
  • Characters are not creative (repetitive movement)

Business Tools AI

FIREFLIES is a revolutionary tool that helps your team make the most out of their meetings online. By simply pressing a button, quickly and efficiently records information from conversations.

It can analyse and store voice and text generation. Meaning you don’t need to worry about taking notes during long and painful meetings.

Released October 2017

Who is it for ?

Organizations that want to Record, Transcribe and Search across their voice conversations.

Free or paid ?

Plans start at $10/month.

Overall Rating

Fireflies set the bar high with its information-packed, user-friendly UI. With support for several video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex integrated into their system, you’re always sure to capture information out of your online meetings with minimal fuss.

Plus, they have just released a Chrome extension allowing you to record without the help of an AI Bot – so it’s even easier and more convenient than before.

Fireflies Pros and Cons

  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Easy to use
  • Recording accuracy
  • Limited languages
  • Transcription errors
  • Reliability


Timely is a revolutionary time-tracking and planning tool. Developed by Memory to revolutionize the way information is managed.

Instead of focusing on tasks or projects one by one, Timely takes a more holistic approach, helping manage the entire week in one go.

Released May 2013

Who is it for ?

Anyone who wants to track the amount of time spent on projects and tasks.

Free or paid ?

Plans start at $9/user.

Overall Rating

With Timely, gone are the days of wondering how long a project will take or when to fit in all your meetings. Timely revolutionize information gathering and helps you visualize your upcoming week quickly.

With just an estimate of how long a project will take, it quickly gives you information on what other tasks or meetings need to be rescheduled or added in. Timely is the perfect tool for anyone looking to save precious time while ensuring they have all the required information.

Timely Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Constantly being improved
  • Online training
  • Only available in English
  • Not optimized for phone use
  • Some issues with integrations


Murf AI is quickly becoming the go-to resource for short information videos.

With Murf AI’s ability to turn text into crisp, studio-quality AI voiceovers, users can produce engaging content with a professional touch.

Released January 2022

Who is it for ?

Organizations interested in an online DIY text-to-voice generation tool.

Free or paid ?

A free plan is available, and paid subscription start at 13/month.

Overall Rating

If you are looking for an information-packed, time-efficient app to help make narration for your videos, is a great option. It has many features which make it perfect for e-learning and an invaluable resource for those with reading disabilities.

You can combine footage and audio files in a few simple steps, and there is no need for expensive equipment or difficult editing software.

Murf.AI Pros and Cons

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Multi-language
  • Synchronize speech
    Control over sound
  • Limited voice options
  • Voice can still sound robotic
  • Free option very limited

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